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Thread: You know you guys want to see this.

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2013-01-28 03:10:58
You know you guys want to see this.
Alans ass, yes bask in the glow, you guy know you just want to stare at it.

Thanks again buddy for helping out with the belts on the car, as usual with the car shit had to be more of a effort as usual because of previous owners fucking shit up.
2013-01-28 03:22:55
Beautiful car very well done.
2013-01-28 03:28:38
Lol thanks.

Im really thinking i have a cursed car, the most simplistic jobs always turn out to be way more complicated than they should, mainly because previous owners did shit half assed. Just annoying, luckily got friends that are willing to put up with that shit and help out.
2013-01-28 04:57:27
lol @boomstickracing
2013-01-28 05:01:06
And in case your wondering....yes...im high as shit on my perscription meds right now LOL.
2013-01-28 05:17:01
i figured alan hot boxed your garage...
2013-01-28 05:21:03
Lol. He was happy to work on it in a garage, so nice not being wet.
2013-01-28 13:22:44
Moar pics!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013-01-28 16:58:00
Re: You know you guys want to see this.
That car has the flu.

Sick. Love it.

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2013-01-30 02:09:19
Hard to believe but, I guess people really do want to see "Alan's ass" because there have been over 160 views to this thread already!
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