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Thread: help with bearing grade choice, for replacing a damaged bearing

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2013-01-17 20:50:31
help with bearing grade choice, for replacing a damaged bearing
motor is still in the car, and im having a difficult time fully understanding the basic procedure for a oem style rod bearing replacement. I understanmd the different bearing grades, and i also understand that there are markings on the crankshaft corresponding to main and rod bearing grades used in assembly. I still have the motor in the car, and from what i can see, the markings are on the rear ballance shaft onm the crankshaft. Is that the case, and can you get to those numbers withod, ut pulling the trans/oil seal cover? i know there to be markings on the rods.....not the ones marking which cyl, but the ones marking the (small)end of the bearing? im trying to make sure i understand the basics here, any help with what numbers i should use, and the corresponding bearing grade would be appreciated. ive tried to read up on this, but i think ive just convfused myself. the crank is undamaged, and i think a simple replacement bearing should do the trick, as all the others look great. can i use the (easy to see) numbers on the rods, or do i have to go off of the numbers on the crank(which i cant seem to find, probably have to pull the motor apart?) HELP for an easy lazy ghetto fix. yeah, i called myself out.
2013-01-17 21:27:42
2013-01-17 21:32:17
thank you. now i understand.
2013-01-17 22:42:01
standard acl and call it a day
2013-01-27 03:27:07
ok, finally had time to take another look. numbers appear on the crank counterweight, left to right, 1122. numbers on rods, from cyl 1to 4 are all 0. So, im confused as the write up says read the crank numbers right to left corresponding to firing order, so i take that as i need a grade 2 bearing for #1 cyl. NOT a grade 1. is this correct?
2013-01-27 04:11:08
No, the writeup does not say that. Just read the numbers as if they were right side up not upside down. So basically if you had the crank out of the motor and were looking at all the numbers with them right side up the 5 main bearing numbers would be on top, 4 rod numbers on bottom. From left to right is rod 1-4.

I made it a bit confusing in the write up. But yeah. if you were looking up into the motor at them upside down it would be from right to left relating 1-4.
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2013-01-27 04:16:24
What i meant in the writup is that they are upside down when looking at them. lol. Sorry it was confusing. The numbers reading right side up is the correct order from 1-4
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