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Thread: '91 SE-R Engine Bay

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2012-12-22 22:08:15
'91 SE-R Engine Bay
Hey guys,

Thanks again for your help in diagnosing my car's no-start / high idle issues. I am working on brakes and suspension and getting the car ready for the road, but I also need to button up the engine bay, which is made a little more difficult as the car was not completely together when I bought it. There isn't a crazy amount to sort out, just a few little things. It is hard to find high-resolution images of a complete stock SE-R's engine bay to use for reference.

1: Is there some sort of bracket that is supposed to secure the coolant surge / expansion tank?
2: There are some harness connectors that are attached to a metal bracket, on the transaxle side of the engine near the airbox and battery tray. Where is this bracket supposed to attach?
3: Does anyone know the size / specifications of the three bolts used to secure the carrier bearing for the passenger side axle?
4: There is a weird-shaped plastic box that attaches to the intake hose just before the throttle body, but no matter how I position it it doesn't seem to have a home anywhere. Any ideas, or could I just block off that opening and be done with it?
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2012-12-26 05:49:13
Pics of #4? For a second i thought you were referring to the air intake canister, probably the most worthless part on the SR20 thats is bolted way down in the drivers side fender well but its no where near the throttle body..

Btw for question #1, there should be a slot that holds the coolant overflow tank. The tank kinda just slides and snaps in there at the bottom though i have seen SR20s without them for some reason. In tht case, you can usually most of the time just zip-tie the overflow bottle to the power steering or AC lines.
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2012-12-26 07:14:24
1. Sometimes there's a bracket, sometimes there's not.. they are plastic and I think they get broken an tossed.
2. That bracket attaches to the driver side frame rail.
3. M12 1.25 thread pitch (I believe) and they are just a hair longer then an inch.
4. Gatorade cap with a lil rtv silicone around it and a worm clamp.
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2012-12-26 11:42:08
For the coolant overflow its a little black pastic piece that bolts to the passenger side frame rail with a 10mm headed bolt.
For the metal bracket that holds those plugs it's bolted to the driver side frame rail.
For the trans bolts get grade 8 hardware if you can't get factory stuff.
2012-12-27 01:09:49
That takes care of my confusion, thanks everyone!
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