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Thread: What size exhaust pipe?

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2012-12-21 09:50:53
What size exhaust pipe?
I am new to the forum and havent been able to find an answer. I have a 91 se-r and i am going to put on headers and straight pipe to a greddy muffler. I got a 60mm inlet would 2.5 inch piping be too big. Will there be enough backpressure?
2012-12-21 09:52:20
2.5" is perfect for N/A
3" for turbo
2012-12-21 10:16:03
I have 2.5" on mine and love it
2012-12-21 10:29:55
Even with no cat?
2012-12-21 10:31:00
Originally Posted by Sentraga
2.5" is perfect for N/A
3" for turbo

Even with no cat?
2012-12-21 10:37:04
Don't run straight pipe, you'll loose power if it's a stock engine(internally).
2012-12-21 10:40:25
Originally Posted by TINNMANN
Originally Posted by Sentraga
2.5" is perfect for N/A
3" for turbo

Even with no cat?

Give this thread a read - http://www.sr20-forum.com/all-motor/53021-straight-pipe-de.html

Here's an excerpt - (Post #17 of the thread)
Originally Posted by Bucky13
I tried the "no cat straight pipe" thing once.It was the quickest way I could find to subtract the most torque. The car couldn't get out of it's own way.Went to a high flow cat with much,much better results.On the dyno,the no cat setup lost about 10 lb ft of torque and gained 0 hp.With the high flow,2 lb ft of torque was gained,along with 4 hp.Just my experience,yours may vary.
2012-12-22 07:25:53
Interesting. On my VE, for exhaust I run a JMR header to a 3" exhaust to magnaflow, no cat at all. The car made 206hp at the wheels on the dyno. It is loud as phuck. Are you guys saying that adding a cat would increase my bottom end? Besides N1 cams the engine is stock.
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2012-12-22 14:41:02
No. We had an n1 cammed vvl stuck at 196whp. Took out the cat and the car made 202whp, gains were across the graph. No other changes.
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2012-12-22 21:27:20
Thanks for the link Sentraga.
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