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Thread: Stock Lowport Sr20de power characteristics

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2012-12-19 04:38:32
Stock Lowport Sr20de power characteristics
Hi guys,

I'm having a little issue with my 1994 Infiniti G20 with a lowport SR20de. The car is stock with 220k miles.

The car seems to run great, you'd never think there's an issue in town or during minor spirited driving. It has plenty, and what seems to be normal amount of power in the low and mid-range.

If you go WOT for the entire rev range, the power begins to die off hard around 6,000 rpm, and by 6,500 there seems to be a harsh fuel cut. It doesn't even feel like a typical rev limiter that an engine would normally "bounce" off of. If you run it up to 6,500 it feels like hitting a brick wall.

This seems to be the case in 1st and 2nd gear, consistently, haven't tried in a higher gear. The tach goes up to 7,500 and as I remember, that's where the rev limiter is supposed to be. The way the engine feels, if I were on a drag strip, it feels like it would be best to shift around 6,000.

I'm trying to get the engine in good condition before I begin playing with it. Here's some of the relevant stuff I've done to it recently.

-Timing set to about 16 degrees BTDC
-New plugs
-New Wires
-Supposedly a new knock sensor (previous owner in the last 5k)
-Physically checked cam timing (looked good)
-No codes

So I am wondering what your Stock Lowport engines' powerband's feel like, is it like what I'm describing? Does your rev limiter kick in this early and the power die off so soon? Better yet, does anyone have a dyno graph of a stock lowport SR?

Thanks for the help.
2012-12-19 04:52:56
Ask and ye shall receive. This was March 2005, cold air intake. Nada mas.

2012-12-19 05:21:10
it doesn't hurt to do a compression test just to see where you stand.. i've only driven a few lowports and didnt notice too much of a diff between them an highports.. my highports always revved out to 7500 just fine, maybe your tach's off or theres some other issue?

imo g20's never feel as fast as b13's or b14's, probably because of all the extra weight.
2012-12-19 05:46:14
I agree, its a few hundred extra pounds and taller gearing.

Did a compression test a few thousand miles ago, I don't remember the exact numbers. They were normal though, and the variation between cylinders was minimal.

My tachometer does flicker around from time to time, but it seems to be working fine when I did these test runs. I ordered a new working tachometer though, so we will see if thats contributing.

Kyle, that's awesome. Do you know the exact model of vehicle that was? Thanks for posting that!
2012-12-19 06:53:52
It is my 1995 Nissan 200SX SE-R with an SR20DE Lowport engine.
2012-12-19 13:42:57
Is it also a stock cammed motor? While these motors do rev damn good with a set of S4s. With stock cams id say your in ball park. Stock motor tall gears heavy P chassis.
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2012-12-19 14:54:44
Yeah stock cams, but how does that explain the inability to rev past 6500 rpm?
2012-12-19 16:01:51
You should still be able to rev past 6500 rpm's so you have an issue going on somewhere. What kind of plug wires did you use and how is the cap & rotor?
2012-12-19 19:12:24
The previous owner replaced the cap, rotor, and wires. They are aftermarket parts. I'm going to replace them with factory stuff when money allows, because I figured it didnt contribute to this problem. I put the stock plugs in myself.

B14's have a stock redline at 7,000 right? Anyone know the ECU part number? I want to make sure someone didnt exchange ECU's with my P10... I know its a long shot but I cant think of any other reason the RPM would be limited.
2012-12-20 00:22:51
A b14 has a fuel cut of 7200 but it will still rev that high although it doesn't make power that high at all. I'd say it stops making power around 6700 but will rev all the way to fuel cut. Something is not right, not sure of the ecu part number but I don't think that is the issue.
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