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Thread: Blocking off waterlines

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2012-12-17 19:14:12
Blocking off waterlines
What do you guys use to block off unused waterlines on the main waterpipes that run below the intake manifold?

For example the TB lines, or heater hoses outlets etc. I know looping them is an option but looking for a cleaner solution.

Also, and I doubt it, but can it cause any problems when blocking the outlets as opposed to looping them?
2012-12-17 19:21:06
Use rubber caps. I would actually cap them, looping is just adding more line and is more prone to leaking.
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2012-12-17 19:23:15
cap em... looping is risky
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2012-12-18 03:19:38
I've used caps before but try to order silicone ones. The rubber ones I've used ended up failing within 2k miles.....3 times. And they were the thick ones as well.

I use these for.my TB lines if I don't get them welded shut

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2012-12-18 04:05:00
The rubber caps tend to get brittle after a bit. Cracking quickly ensues after...
2012-12-18 05:18:04
I like the silicone nipple idea. Will see if I can find them locally. I assume you just clamp them down with regular clamps correct?

Also, I have an extra water pipe or two, so perhaps I should just have it welded up for true peace of mind.

On the VVL waterpipe the one exit to the heaterhose will create a type of "dead end" if blocked off. No risk of creating a hot spot or something there?
2012-12-18 05:22:08
I know McMaster Carr carries them for cheap but I didn't like the fact that they are red. But they are dirt cheap there
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