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Thread: Talk about your all-time bonehead moves

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2013-01-05 01:44:29
Originally Posted by Vadim
Talking about all time bonehead moves, Josh not knowing what he is talking about yet arguing to death about it .

Mr.ScanGauge here. ^_^
2013-01-05 20:49:57
I have a good one. I was doing the VE swap years back when I first started getting into the sr's and learning things. All of the install went right and then i got to the final stages and had to cut the one mount point off of the DE dizzy to use it on the VE. Well my dumb self just went and started grinding without paying attention to which ear I was cutting off. Went back to the car and just threw the dizzy on (backwards mind you because I cut the wrong ear off) got everything wired up and stared at it for about 5 minutes thinking something doesn't look right. Tried to start, no dice. Called up a friend, did the usual check fuel lines and all that jazz like the usual mishap during a swap. Finally Harris from the old forum comes over and after about 20 minutes of staring, troubleshooting and cranking he points out the above mentioned. I'm going to assume that I am the only retard who ever did anything like this and go shame myself in the corner for a while for admitting to it publicly.
2013-01-05 21:51:17
You'd be surprised.

There are so many variables that can go either way with an engine swap its crazy.
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