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Thread: Intermittent electrical problem

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2012-11-27 15:05:02
Intermittent electrical problem
Hey guys, i have been living with this electricity cutting out for the last couple weeks. When i slow down to a stop it will die and the radio and clock also die, all interior lights go out. Where's the fuse or relay that can affect interior? This morning when I arrived at work it died with the same symptoms, and I wiggled the fuse ( I think its the inline fuse) right after the positive terminal of the battery and electricity came back again. Any ideas?
2012-11-27 20:43:16
Did you have the alternator tested, hows the battery?
2012-11-29 12:57:59
I used to have problems similar to this, but not to the point that the engine would die. The one thing that finally solved my electrical problems was replacing the battery cables and clamps, and re-grounding the negative wire. I went through 2 batteries and an alternator prior to changing the cables. Not sure if this is your problem, but it's worth looking in to.
2012-11-29 16:10:58
Like the other person said. Try a new battery and terminals. At the least, start with replaced the terminals and cleaning the connections up. Its crazy what a set of dirty battery terminals can do. Especially if you wiggled the connection at the battery and it worked.
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2012-12-01 05:27:50
Thanks guys. The lightbulb finally came on in my head. I was trying to go home from work and it didn't start, although headlights turned on. Then the same weird symptoms, clock reset and showed 1:90 LOL. Tried messing w/ the terminals, no deal. Turned headlights on again, this time no lights. Finally decided to get a jump from someone; started right up. Must be the red optima battery. Strange thing is I have had it barely 2 years, did not expect it to get weak so soon. Never had an optima before, so the 'weak' symptoms were foreign to me.
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