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Thread: does anyone recognize this lightweight battery?

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2012-11-15 00:34:14
does anyone recognize this lightweight battery?
Hello People,

It has been a while and I know my battery is at it's end, and I only can find this offer on a lightweight battery overhere. The rest I have to ship overseas and that isn't interesting price of course.

But it is offered as 'R700 Genius (Red Top)'

link: Marktplaats.nl - Gel accu voor Rally race en cross R700 Genius (Red Top) - Overige Auto-onderdelen

I wonder, can anyone tell me where this part is comming from, I've read quite a lot on lightweight batteries but in my country I only can find this and I know it is a cheap upgrade. Also, I've read somewhere about this and still I wonder, since a year ago, there where no lightweight batteries offered for sale on the internet overhere, EUDM.

2012-11-15 00:42:37
Yes that is a nice battery for the price. It is a Hawker Genesis and I daily drove on that battery for three years in Michigan winters even.

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2012-11-15 00:44:39
I'm sold. Thanks m8.
2012-11-15 01:11:20
The big thing with these small batteries, make sure you don't have any battery current draws when the car is not running and also make sure that the car doesn't sit more than a week or two without being run as the reserve in these small batteries is very low.

2012-11-15 01:29:18
I'm familiar with current draws, my AAC valve started clicking with ignition off, it was a weird malfunction and not sure how replacing the AAC itself helped solving it. But I had a 60mA current draw.

It should be lower now, I have no real means of checking this right now but nothing drawing current but the ECU so to say.

However, I happened to end up with a dead batery recently and it was about 100 euro for a 60Ah battery which it needs and Nissan was about the price of our equivalent of 'pep boys', 100 euro.

But for real, should I cannot let the car sit for only two weeks? I can understand it cannot self sustain such a battery, but that original Nissan battery, I'm told being Yuasa, showed a lot of internal resistance, it was showing laziness and I didn't feel comfortable with this battery in the first year I bought it being brand new.

So, I happen to have a Yuasa 60Ah battery, I kept it of a car I scrapped and it showed age. But still I was able to charge it and start my NX on it and that, the Nissan battery failed. So I see a internal resistance OEM thing here and not my brand.

But seriously, how serious should I take this two weeks? I was able to get thru one winter overhere on a 45Ah which also came from a scrap car and it wasn't new.

But still, I feel that such a battery in temperate conditions would be able to atleast start the engine and in winter that it might require some attention, just asking, I'll get one anyway, I feel a lot better when I know what I can expect based on real world view. haha.
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