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Thread: Q45 MAF, good for 700 HP?

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2012-11-11 18:29:37
That's interesting to me as well...I'm wondering how hard it would be to set up the vq table for it though.

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2012-11-11 19:36:34
No different than changing from one maf to another.
2012-11-11 19:43:30
What's the mathematical formula for figuring the percentage increase in volume in going from one size pipe to another?
2012-11-11 19:46:13
AREA, calculate the two areas, first the stock maf housing size, then the larger.

Subtract the smaller area from the larger to get the difference, Divide the difference by the original maf housing area and that gives you your percentage of area increase. Then you can use the percentage to figure out how much power it should be able to read to.
2012-11-11 20:14:29
Looks like turbotank better make some more housings lol

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2012-11-11 20:25:44
Good call Ashton. I had never realized this either until I started messing with the aem fic and saw just how finicky a maf can be and that using percentages usually hits the nail on the head. For example you can take a factory housing size of 2.75" and put the maf in a 3.5" tube and it's a 21% increase. Add 21% to your map and bingo bango. But depending on where the maf is it can really screw with idle quality and throttle let out.
2012-11-11 21:08:18
2.75 to 3.5 is more than 21%, 3" to 3.5" was 35% increase in Area.
2012-11-11 21:27:14
.25 tends to be around a 9% increase. 2.75/3.5=79% 100-79=21%
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2012-11-11 21:33:55
You dont do the calcs based on the inches, you do it based on area lol
2012-11-11 21:35:19
You dont do the calcs based on inches of the pipe, but the area of the circle of the pipe in square inches.
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