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Thread: Sr20det dying

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2012-11-10 18:25:18
Sr20det dying
When I come to a stop the car will die and when I start it up it dies again. I can't figure out what is wrong with it. The only things I have done different were sea foaming it, putting different spark pulgs in, getting new spark plug wires, and running 5w 30 an not running 10w 30. The spark pulgs I had in them before were NGK laser iridium the car ran great but when I got the new one NGK platinum bkr6e at first ran great got more power and didn't die. Now it has been dying a lot and I don't know what the problem is if anyone knows or can help that would be great. The spark plug wires are the same but got the same ones because they broke meaning the wires were coming out of the plugs
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2012-11-10 18:38:20
Maf is dirty or damaged. Or you have a big vacuum leak
2012-11-10 18:43:43
I have clean the maf but it can be damaged through And I have checked for vacuum leaks but could not find any.
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2012-11-10 18:44:57
Yah, changing oil and going from iridium to platinum plugs wouldn't cause this issue. Is your check engine light on?
2012-11-10 18:46:06
No my check engine light is not on
2012-11-10 18:50:50
But when I took the spark plugs out the tips were black like covered in black carbon. I don't know if that can cause my car to die all the time. I drove it today it started up fine and ideal fine but when I came to a stop the first five times it was fine and then the car just started dying. Started it up and it would keep dying and not hold ideal.
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2012-11-10 19:54:18
Well I will buy a new maf and see if anything changes.
2012-11-10 21:22:00
I just went to start my car a it still dies an it won't if I keep the gas on it but after I let off the gas it dies again. I can't find a u13 maf do you know where I can get one or find one? I plan on getting nistune next year for it so I can tune it.
2012-11-15 01:45:17
Did you get water in the spark plug wells?
2012-11-15 01:50:03
do you have a wideband?
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