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Thread: which is the best gas? gas rate and company do you use?

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2012-11-07 05:21:06
Yep, i personally watched what happened to my old nx1600's motor using Arco, Diamond Shamrock and other cheap fuels in a matter of 10k miles. Nasty buildup on the intake valves and pistons. Then started using only Chevron and the valves and pistons were spotless in a matter of about 5000 miles of using it. Using a bore scope to look down in the cylinders and at the valves. Crazy stuff. Never cheap out on the fuel unless you absolutely have no choice. Pay that extra 3-5 cents per gallon for the better stuff. Its worth it.
2012-11-07 05:26:33
BTW Chevron and Texaco are one and the same. They merged quite a while ago. So either is good. Texaco before the merger....Crap!
2012-11-07 05:36:30
Chevrons got Techron, its what engines crave.
2012-11-07 05:47:06
Believe it or not, Costco and Kroger gas has been proven to be cleaner due to them being forced to change the filters every other day. That being said, I used to use Shell Ultimate, BP, or Chevron.

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2012-11-07 16:34:54
chevron/BP over here.
2012-11-07 16:55:13
I'm a Shell/Sunoco guy here.
2012-11-07 16:56:22
i only put shell
2012-11-07 18:12:09
Im fine with Wilco/Hess but perfer Shell, but thats hard when the closest Shell is 45 mins away
2012-11-07 19:30:00
My favorites are Shell.. Then chevron and finally mobil.. If none of them are around ill use 76
2012-11-08 02:39:16
hmm i see most of you are in the East that choose shell ... are there chevrons over there ?

and i uses ARCO one time , i started the engine and the thing fucked my engine up! think the mechanic said something about compression of the pistons. i was covered though because i had just gotten a engine rebuild.
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