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Thread: my car was hit on saturday, what should I do now?

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2012-10-23 22:22:40
my car was hit on saturday, what should I do now?
So a lady ran a redlight and hit me on Saturday when I was on my way to work. It was her fault the light was red for a good minute before she ran it.

My car is a 98 sentra se with 26x,xxx miles and has the sr20ve, pop charger, catback, optima battery, ebach prokits, front sway bar.

The inspector said it is totaled and they only want to give me $1460 for the car (they wont add anything for the aftermarket parts)

Should I let it go with the vvl engine in it or should I throw a blown sr20 from my storage unit in there for them to take it, I dont know how it all works. I know that I need to find a stock radio to put in there and a stock airbox with maf before they come get it.

Should I buy it back from them and part it out or just let them take it?
The inspector said something about they take the car, pay me by check, then I would have to find someone with a dealers license to buy the car back at auction. Ive never heard about that before.

I bought the car from a forum member almost 2 years ago for $3k+ so im mad that im not getting anything close to that, let alone being without a car when I drive 1000+ miles a week

Check out the negative camber I have now
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2012-10-23 22:32:39
PULL ALL YOUR shit, & give them a empty shell...

they will threaten you & shit, but legally they cant do anything about it.

i did the same with my p11. it had no motor, interior, doors or trunk

also if she hit you, her insurance should pay to get you back in a new car....

doesnt your neck & back hurt
2012-10-23 22:42:32
Ill buy the head light !
2012-10-23 22:49:01
pull all your shit out!
If they raise a stink, say "you didnt pay me for the aftermarket items, so why would i leave them in the car for you"
2012-10-23 22:50:20
Don't take the check from them. Tell them you want makret price for it. If that don't work buy it back from them. You will prob get 1200 and you keep your car.
2012-10-23 22:54:54
Yeah, pull everything. When my first B13 was hit and totaled the adjuster (my insurance co.) told me to take whatever I wanted.

That looks like a hard hit. Certainly you'll be having aches and pains for months, and the mental trauma. Nightmares for years to come are worth $$$.

Who's adjuster said $1460, your insurance co's or her's? If they're not giving you at least book value for it get your company involved to put pressure on her's. But as far as the aftermarket stuff is concerned neither are going to give you anything above book, so take everything you can.
2012-10-23 23:01:22
Yeah book value is much higher than 1400. You should be able to buy your car back for 400-500 bucks and yes in this case it makes it worth it. You dont have to get it from an auction or any of that.

Like others said you could just take all your stuff out of the car, again they arnt paying you for the aftermarket stuff anyways so yeah.
2012-10-23 23:07:52
Let them take it after you strip it down.. That's what I would do. Give them a rolling chassis.
2012-10-23 23:16:57
Thats BS. I got like 3k for my 200sx like 2 or 3 years ago. Then again the guy I worked for knew the adjuster so it was probably a bit inflated, but you should still get more than 1400 I would think.
2012-10-23 23:50:06
We both have allstate insurance, ill give them a dead battery and a blown engine with 5 bolts holding it in, no computer (unless I go to the junkyard and get one), I still need to get a stock air box and radio
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