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Thread: Finally got a vid whats your 2cents ????

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2012-09-06 16:18:14
Make sure the tdc mark on the pulley is tdc my w10 motor had the seperation it looked good but the tdc mark was like middle of stroke cyl 1 it is very common for our pulleys to shift the timing mark.
2012-09-06 16:37:47
Well the cranck pulley I got was from a det block is it the same as a de?
2012-09-06 17:01:02
well i hate to link to them but this is what i was talking about
JGYCustoms.com - SE-R / G20 / NX Engine Bolt-Ons and Underhood Parts
my w10 motor had this problem so I reused my JDM de one. Also I had a spare DE one and it had this problem too so 2 out of 3 I had suffered from this. Itll run fine but you cant set ign or mech timing off it obviously
2012-09-06 20:52:21
Not for nothing but after seeing this, I would think the motor has had it. Holding Rpms on a motor that has no load is not a good thing. Free revving is one thing.is it the same car?

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2012-09-06 21:53:40
1) The stock crank pulley is known to seperate (it happened to me - the damn thing flew out from under my 200sx at 60mph!) - therefore that makes it impossible to set the timing or set the motor at TDC unless you eyeball it (general degree of tilt on the distributor, or a screw driver in the spark plug hole to see when its at its highest point)

2) I'm 90 percent sure the DE pulley is the same as the DET

3) You should get a Gspec crank pulley (timing marks are accurate, its 1 piece unlike the stock one, and it frees up a few HP) - either that or pull the valve cover and timing chain tensioner and make sure its at TDC using the screw driver trick and verify cam timing

4) Other than that, with THAT sound, I got nothing
2012-09-06 23:19:09
@Gio no that vid is super old man before it got a motor swap and will do storm thanks guys really appreciate the help
2012-09-07 00:51:24
that noise... ouch my ears!
2012-09-07 03:06:07
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
that noise... ouch my ears!

Tell me about it.. I could only watch it once.. its a horrible sound, and the motor wasn't even running
2012-09-07 05:21:45
my pops old chevy 4.3l had a similar problem, truck had the same squeak, a bit louder though, but fired up bearly, .. it turned out to be spun bearings...
2012-09-07 05:47:37
I feel you guys pain only worser I love this car but shit somethings gotta give
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