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Thread: How to set timing with S4 cams

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2012-08-15 01:45:57
How to set timing with S4 cams
I just finished Up with swapping my motor and I'm bout to start it up and check for leaks. While I was assembling everything I figured I'd throw in my S4's while I was there. I usually install my stock cams first set timing and drive it around for a lil while to make sure everything is all good then I zip tie sprocket to chain to make sure I'm not off a tooth then put cams in. How do you guys check your timing with the rough idle of S4's?
2012-08-15 01:49:07
Just put these in. Timing light and it will bounce around. Mine when the light flashes shows it either just before/at/or just after the paint mark. My question is where should the timing be sett with s4 cams?
2012-08-15 01:51:42
If idle is too crazy, raise your idle screw to get it to idle right first. Aim for an 900rpm or so. Some guys like running the S4 cams at 1k rpm or so to smooth out the idle.

For getting into timing mode(and a bunch of other useful stuff), I'd suggest a Consult cable off ebay.

Timing should be at 15*

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2012-08-15 02:55:38
Do you have JWT ECU?
2012-08-15 03:29:28
Unplug TPS.

Idle should be still.

Use consult cable and go into timing mode the digital way can work also.
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2012-08-15 03:33:46
Yup I have JWT ecu
2012-08-25 20:26:27
Originally Posted by Se-R
Yup I have JWT ecu

Okay, then according to JWT you should be at 15.
2012-08-25 20:28:10
Originally Posted by Kyle
Unplug TPS.

Idle should be still.

Use consult cable and go into timing mode the digital way can work also.

Occasionally I've noticed that after a cam install the engine will stall once the TPS has been disconnected, so you may just need another person behind the wheel to give it a little throttle. Interestingly, I've never noticed this on B13s, only B14s.
2012-08-25 21:31:58
Probably due to that sensitive ass OBD 2 ECU
2012-08-26 10:18:55
i've never been able to get my car to not die when i put it in timing mode

stock u13 ecu
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