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Thread: Fuel regulator upgrade

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2012-08-08 09:08:29
Fuel regulator upgrade
What is out there ......or what are you guys using for fuel pressure regulators? Right now I'm using the Oem fuel rail and I want to upgrade the fuel pump. I spoke to Greg at Gspec he has a custom unit for $100 that includes a built in gauge as well, and I know Nismo has one out there of course, Ive used that in the past. So I'm looking for recommendations I guess.
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2012-08-10 02:55:29
The two you listed are best options for stock fuel rail.

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2012-08-10 05:10:23
@GregV do you have any pictures of your regulator?
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2012-08-10 12:24:39
Oh, his kit is for NA cars as the regulator is not a rising rate. If you want a rising rate, best option for bolt on for stock rail is the nismo unit. However, you can get fuel rail adapters such as this one:

G Spec Performance - Nismo Universal Fuel Pressure Regulator Bracket

That allow you to use any aftermarket regulator. You would juts put hose barbs on the regulator and use fuel hose clamps to hold your fuel lines on. Something like this kit:


2012-08-11 23:10:25
I just installed an AEM universal FPR, and it is a rising rate regulator. I made a bracket for it, and bolted it to the firewall. You will need that nismo fuel rail adapter, and some hose barbs for this FPR. I just cut the top, with the vac nipple, off my stock FPR to make my adapter. Cutting that off will allow you to pull out the spring, while keeping the diaphragm sealed tight, and allowing fuel to flow unregulated to the aftermarket regulator.
2012-08-11 23:57:41
im using an aeromotive afpr
2012-08-12 00:58:57
I have aeromotive on both cars as well with my top feed fuel rail. This guy is using a stock rail and wants a clean install. I really think the two options I posted are the easiest options.

2012-08-12 02:04:00
fuelab, because they can handle high pressures and fairly easy on the pockets , but you want something oemish im guessing
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