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Thread: What got you into Nissan Sentras?

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2012-04-21 05:05:13
Originally Posted by sunny20
you guys remember se-r.net? lol!

I still go on it all the time. The perfomance aspect of it is wayyyy dated but the other parts of the site are still relevant.
2012-04-21 13:09:06
In high school I wanted a fun 5 speed. I was open to anything really. I looked at a talon, a probe, a few vw's (as much shit as I talk about vw/audi, mk3 vw's will always be appealing to me) and some other stuff. (Really glad I didn't end up buying any of that crap)

Then one day my high school auto shop teacher told me about his 200sx SE-R that he used to race. He won a championship in the car and showed me some pictures he had of it racing on Limerock. He told me how bad he beat the hell out of the thing for a few seasons and didn't do anything but change the oil in it. So he said I should look into one.

Sure enough, I come home from school that day, go on craigslist and first add on first page: 95 200sx ser. The rest is history.
2012-06-21 20:08:23
I haven't build one yet, in process of doing so. I've been a Toyota guy at heart, but once I heard of the sr20ve.... For $600-$900 a n/a motor w/ 189hp. How can you go wrong? Bought my 4 dr with the plans on VE'ing it sometime down the road. I don't plan on selling it neither. My 1st b13 and although we've been through alot, I'm loving it. Can't wait to experience a legit Ser one day
2012-06-21 20:12:00
I paid 750 for my car, put about 1500 into it since I've owned it, and pray for the day someone runs into it.
2012-06-21 20:47:16
Back when I was looking at cars my brother had a 240sx and would always look up 0-60 times and all that lol he saw the 0-60 on the SE-R sentra and was telling me I had to get it for my first car but I didn't want a boxy looking car LOL I thought it was ugly so I got a civic instead lol but 2 years later I was looking for a car with A/C and a SE-R popped up for 1500 and I was tired of driving slow ass cars so I went and picked it up for 1k with a badass stage 3 clutch (thing would chirp 3rd lol) exhaust and header.. Ever since the first race in it against a civic SI on the highway I fell in love... I completely demolished him by so many car lengths it was as if he was hitting the brakes lmao :P ahh I love my SE-R's.... I can't wait to fix my 200....
2012-06-21 21:11:21
my grand parents had a b210, watched my grandpa and uncle change the motor out a few times on it, years later my step dad had a 620 then another few years later i met boomstick and he had a 620 and his mom had a b12, then i got a b12 given to me for free basically an me an my friend drove that for a while and then i got my 620.

my girlfriend at the time had wrecked her focus and boomstick suggested for her to get a se-r, showed me dave colemans project car and yep i was hooked, she picked up a 92 se-r from sentramike and drove it for a while, we ended up splitting up an a few weeks later she called me askin if i had her car, someone stole it. well the next day it shows up, engines making noise she told me to come get it an her grandma got her a new car. i drove it for a while till i wrecked it and then got a 92se to swap the parts in, but ended up finding my se-r through danfiveten and got it also an swapped what i could from the first se-r, hence why my doors still grey

around 06' 07' i was just a mere forum lurker, now i've got me a ve-t
2012-06-21 21:47:37
Hey that top pic is on another website think i seen it on wiki lol
2012-06-21 22:36:33
I started with a 95 200sx SE in 2006. I have been into imports since the early 90's, mostly Honda and Toyota. I bought the SE from a coworker for $600 as I needed a second car. He said "It's only got the 1.6, not the 2.0". That got me thinking, and I started doing research. I went to Afghanistan in '07 and rather than piece together a swap to a 2.0, I decided to just find an SE-R. That was my "birth" into the SR community.
2012-06-21 22:57:08
In 2005 I was looking for a used car under 5k. I absolutely did not want a Honda/Acura, what I really wanted was an S13 coupe. I couldn't afford the insurance at the time, so I started looking at other options mainly late 90's Celicas and early 2000's Focus. By chance I saw a B14 SE-R at a private dealership and thought it looked cool. I had no idea what the SE-R was so I did some online searching and found out they had a 2.0L engine. I test drove it and ended up buying it. Now I've put over 120k miles on since then haha. I honestly don't think I could ever sell it. Mainly because ill never get what its worth to me. To many memories lol.
2012-06-21 23:37:32
Besides my Fathers influence and past....

I sold my ATV (Honda 300EX with a big ol cam in it) we used that money $1900, to buy my first car. 1995 200SX base model with a dealer-installed shit-roof (sunroof) 209,00 miles and the original clutch slipping all day for $1500.

With that purchase, the guy gave me the brouchure from Nissan for the car. See scans here.

200SX Brochure pictures by viprdude - Photobucket

When I saw SE-R and the 2.0 Liter picture, I HAD to get it and I found one for 109,000 miles and she just hit 220,000 miles yesterday. Always putting a smile on my face despite the beam!
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