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Thread: trans to engine spacer plate missing

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2012-03-16 21:13:56
trans to engine spacer plate missing
I am helping a guy with a swap,and noticed the plate between the engine and trans was not installed(engine was in already before I got to it.)

What does that thing do?
What are the issues that can araise from not installing it?
I am not gonna drop the transat this point, but I would like to inform the car owner about it,along with any other iinfo I can provide.
Maybe he will take it back apart himself at a later time if its not a big deal to run without it for a bit.
2012-03-16 21:52:10
I think it spaces the transmission away from the engine a bit so the input shaft doesn't bottom out in the crankshaft? I think it also prevents the TOB from being able to over-extend the fulcrum fingers on the pressure plate as easily (which can cause the PP fingers to catch on the clutch disc hub)? I think it prevents the alignment dowel pins from bottoming out? I think it prevents the PP outer housing from potentially contacting the bellhousing? I think it prevents some of the mounting bolts from bottoming out? I think it also aligns the starter gear with the flywheel teeth correctly?

Hopefully someone else will have more definitive info.
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2012-03-16 22:37:17
woah woah woah

I'm putting mine back in. lol
2012-03-16 23:20:33
Originally Posted by BenFenner
I think it prevents the PP outer housing from potentially contacting the bellhousing?

This one I know for a fact, I had forgot to put mine in when I did my first swap (also forgot one of the dowels so my clutch shit out on me) so when I took the trans back off I noticed the PP had come in contact with the inside of the bell housing in a few places.
2012-03-17 04:11:22
U need that spacer. Also spaces the starter from flywheel i would think
2012-03-17 04:20:44
Never had one in my car ever since I bought it 6years ago. Been running on my ACT for years on de and a year on my VE till I changed it last year.
2012-03-17 05:22:06
It would have nothing to do with the starter being that is on the block and the flywheel is on the motor as well, not the trans side.

All it is is a spacer. The dowel pins wont bottom out but depending on the clutch your using it could come in contact with the bellhousing without the spacer plate there.

As for over extending the clutch. Not gonna happen. Thats regulated by clutch pedal throw. Even if the trans was farther back you adjust the clutch cable until its doesnt have much if any slack. The throw of the fork is only gonna go as far as the pedal travel will allow. Now not having the plate may give you a bit more adjustment room on the cable but again its better to have it there.

Another thing I could see it being there for is so you dont have aluminum mating against aluminum on a high stress area. As the aluminum would wear or fatigue your trans bolts could loosen up over time. With a steel plate there you preven that from happening.

Your clutch blew up because you didnt have the dowel pin not because of not having the spacer. Ive seen several peoples cars that didnt have them and Never had clutch issues. Never had any issues at all related to that.

The input shaft wont bottom out in the crank either by not having it.

All in all, It should be in place. Do I think something catastrophic will happen without it being there. Not likely but Its there for a reason and why not have it there.
2012-06-16 17:04:58
lol so i wanna re visit this thread.. i had a stupid moment as i was looking at my tranny without the spacer and then it hit me.. the only reason that stupid spacer is there is TO NOT LET MOISTURE IN!! think about it? when the spacer is not there you have a micro crack there letting water in and such. with it on it completes the seal. So it actually might be more of a gasket then a spacer. Dont belive me look at a tranny with the spacer not installed? you can see the line where the spacer is suppose to fill in...
2012-06-16 18:44:15
I don't think so Tim.
2012-06-16 18:55:45
ahhahahahahaha ^^
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