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Thread: RokBlokz - Mudflaps

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2012-02-10 03:30:10
never seen Flapatax before, checked the site not bad

i did ask the guy and he said he'd do blanks - cut as needed so for models he doesn't do its good for you guys

eggman - its not rubber its polyurethane material, so rubberized plastic more or less, i checked localy and it costs more than a set of Rally Armors to buy material so that's stupid, lol
2012-02-10 03:34:38
Originally Posted by eggman
looks like a ripoff to me.Just a flatpeice of rubber that you could cut out yourself.
Maybe I am missing something....I guess I was expecting to see some molded type,not flat.
....no thanks

rip off for a piece of junk that looks like ass.

if i saw some one pull up with those meat curtains haning from the ride i gather the attention of my buddies and point and laugh.

really, rally style mud flaps for cars that will never see anything but clean pavement ?

2012-02-10 03:51:46
What makes them better than these
New Pair of DeeZee Universal Rubber Mud Flaps Fits Truck Van Suv | eBay
2012-02-10 04:21:08
actually I like them they remind me of the wrx s mudflaps
2012-02-10 18:03:35
I guess I'm lucky to have the factory NX mudflaps?
2012-02-10 21:38:43
would love some for my b13
2012-02-11 00:21:51
Originally Posted by STRATTON

really, rally style mud flaps for cars that will never see anything but clean pavement ?


Honestly, I love my flaps, and I don't do any rally. They grab so much crap that would otherwise get slung onto the side/undercarriage it's crazy!

That's just my opinion though. I'd rather clean tar and grime from a flap than the rocker panels.
2012-02-11 00:28:35

Last edited by nismo94tuner on 2012-02-11 at 00-34-50.
2012-02-11 00:56:34
^Jelly. You know you want my 'goon.
2012-02-11 00:56:48
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