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Thread: problem with clutch pedal?

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2008-04-06 04:00:09
problem with clutch pedal?
i was driving my car, while crossing international line, making a lots of stops at the beginnig the clutch responds properly, then, starts loosing pedal adjustment, because i need to continue, i need to step on the clutch pedal more deep in order to be able to make speeds shifts. at the initial moment of the problem the first gear doesnot engages, only the second gear, third and so on.moments latter the clutch pedal was tottally loose, making imposible engage first gear, but the others gears can be on. i notice a foul smell. once able to move away from the traffic, i checked the clutch cable adjustment, looked like been on the original setting, i was able to move the adjustment nuts to the top, making speed shifts easier. my concern is what is the problem, the clutch, the cable, the transmission.
thank you
2008-04-06 07:22:26
A good test to see if it's your clutch is to take it up to about 30mph, put it in 4th gear and floor it. You'll be able to hear and feel the clutch slipping it it's on it's way out. I couldn't tell you much more, but I know I'm experiencing the same problem, with it being light and easy at first, then progressively harder as you drive. Subscribed.
2008-04-06 15:22:53
If you have to adjust the cable further up in order to shift, one of two things is probably happening:

1. Your cable is stretching
2. The pressure plate is heating up so much that the fingers on the plate are annealing to a smaller angle, thus requiring you to push further to make it disengage. .
2008-04-06 22:17:01
That or your clutch just needs replaced. How many miles are on it?
2008-04-06 22:39:05
i just had this same problem with my car. i put in a new cable and i had to adjust the cable all the way up...it still was extra low on the engagement but i still drove around like that.. first gear was easy to get into till the car got warm then it would get harder as i kept on driving the car.. well all i did was did the brass reducer mod that pretty white did(he has a write up on the other forum) and now i have an extra inch of adjustment.. now my clutch pedal feels solid as hell
2008-04-06 23:36:49
Originally Posted by jere
That or your clutch just needs replaced. How many miles are on it?

I did the clutch install job, in march 18th, have about 350-400 miles. I was waiting the "500 miles" period .
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