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Thread: Sr20 vs qr25

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2012-01-26 14:10:23
Balance shafts are "required" regardless of how many counterweights are on the crankshaft. They are quelling second order vibrations (unrelated to the first order vibrations you're talking about). You can have the perfect inline 4 cylinder crankshaft and you will still experience the same magnitude of this specific vibration mode when compared to a lackluster crankshaft in the same engine. They "need" the balance shaft (versus an SR20) because of the stroke length, and the weight of the piston/rod combo.

2012-01-26 14:13:58
Ah, gotcha.

Still seems pointless anyways. Thats why pretty much every motor offered with a balance shaft has a balance shaft removal kit. lol.
2012-01-26 14:16:56
It is pointless for enthusiasts, but the general public demand lower levels of NVH than we do.
2012-01-26 14:18:08
Their arguement is not all the QR's had problems burning oil and blowing apart. Thier arguement is 1 out of 20 boosted stock internal QR's can make 300whp without throwing the rod out the block. When we all know they probably dont ever abuse the motor near as much as we abuse our 300-400whp stock SR's without having this fear in the back of your mind that its gonna blow any time now. Again at 300 whp they are known to be a ticking time bomb waiting to launch a rod through the block.
2012-01-26 14:35:52
Good comparison, I considered a QR25 before but reliability didn't seem all that great. Then with the B16's I considered them again (I like torque), but I think now I can finally completely stay away.

Also another good comparison article:
Jim Wolf Technologies Turbo Nissan QR25DE Powerhouse Part 1
2012-01-26 14:47:38
The QR motor is the biggest pc of shit there is.......

You cant even find another motor from Nissan that has been such a big failure.

They say the QR has a better flowing head than the SR20VE yet the SR20VE makes 10 more HP than a QR with .5 less displacement. Better put the QR is 25% larger than the SR20VE.

The QR motor had big problems making it out of the factory waranty without being changed.

The QR motor was promised to be tuner friendly and it isso far from the truth.

The QR will not outpower a SR20VE on boost.

There is no discussion, MFs just get butt hurt because they know the truth, the QR is a pc of crap.

13-14 years of evolution should have brought out something way better than the QR. The only thing a QR does better than a SR is being a QR.

If you know anything about Nissan and its motors one thing holds true to Nissan. They build solid reliable motors The QR is the pc of crap from 2002-2012. The QR is such a pc of crap but because they are so many out there with bad engines the junkyards cann sell a pc of crap QR for $1600-$2000 knowing well the motor will probably last just past their 60 day warranty.
2012-01-26 14:51:08
SR20DE stock on boost 400 WHP all day everyday

QR stock on boost 301 WHP its over. Lets go buy another one for $1600. What a fucking joke.

I think QRs are good for making man cave tables. Shit it is alot taller than the DE motor, I want to make sure my legs are atleast level when I put them up.
2012-01-26 14:54:42
For those wanting to keep track of the b15 guys' responses. I will say the guys at 2J are set in their ways and gung ho into making proven bolt ons for the QR. But they are stubborn thats for sure.

All B15 Models QR25 vs SR20
2012-01-26 14:58:14
Man dre you stole what i was gonna say over there on their forum about the coffee table. lol.

Its true. The QR has cost nissan millions in recalls and warranty work. WTF were they thinking holding onto it.
2012-01-26 15:00:01
Like I told them, they were all saying well Nissan 5 years into it brought the QR up to 200hp, that should tell you something. Not really. The ve started out at 187hp and by 2001 was 204hp, lol. They went backwards with their performance 4 cylinder
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