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Thread: Sr20 vs qr25

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2012-01-28 17:35:01
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
They already got all butt hurt when we called their motor a truck motor. Just like the KA guys get all butthurt when we call theirs a truck motor. lol.

Truth hurts now doesnt it.

Dont get ahead of yourself, the KA24DE is a beast And sould not be mention -compared to the QR. I will take a KA24DE over a QR25 ant day.
2012-01-28 17:37:21
Oh no doubt, ive seen some very beastly KA's, Cant go wrong with a closed deck Iron block, bucket style valvetrain that really all the head needs is a good intake manifold and some cleanup work, springs and retainers, a good cam, and a big fat turbo.

Just saying they get all butt hurt when we say its a truck motor, lol. Funny watching em cry.
2012-01-28 17:38:33
Originally Posted by Andreas
Dont get ahead of yourself, the KA24DE is a beast And sould not be mention -compared to the QR. I will take a KA24DE over a QR25 ant day.

KA24DE + boost = amazing

In RWD form I prefer it 100% over the SR.
2012-01-28 17:43:50
i like the ka.

i agree rob, if i was to do a 240, ka all day.

just build a motor, standalone and off you go.

2012-01-28 17:55:19
Its just not as nice looking of a motor as the SR is though and the SR comes with the COP advantage factory as well. Again every motor has its goods and bads.
2012-01-28 17:56:28
^^^ Thats why I made my statement before KA motors are tough, before VE head swaps Ka 240s would crush SRs.
2012-01-28 18:01:23
Yeah if i was gonna do a rwd, it would be a VE-T. The motors have two totally different tones SR vs KA The SR just sings while the KA just has this monstrous tone to it.

I like the high rev long powerband singing of the SR, but thats my own opinion. Cant argue with the numbers many k's have put down though.
2012-01-29 14:31:01
Wow these guys, 2J, are pissed. lol

Edit: they deleted their thread.

Their plan is to try and build a 260whp qr25. We will see if they follow through and meet their goal. Honestly I hope they do.
Last edited by ashtonsser on 2012-01-29 at 14-56-11.
2012-01-29 15:01:03
I think you need to leave it be. Honestly you ARE trolling over there and if I were a mod I would have given you a time out by now. WHO GIVES A FUCK. At the end of the day, its still a Nissan. Let them have their fun, and you have yours. Or better yet. Shut the fuck up, stop throwing your money away on a Turbo car and build an N/A monster instead of saying "like we could even build the car". All this shit talking for naught.

Ill give you a chance to reply then close this thread. Your attention elsewhere is giving the very small SR community a bad Rep.

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2012-01-29 15:08:49
Lol, im the one that kept it civil, it wasnt just me over there, lol. Troll? Ive been on that forum for 2 years. Far from a troll. The initial QR vs SR arguement was started by their own forum members back in the intial b13 qr build thread. All i did was defend and ask some questions and then was jumped on like crazy.

Oh well, Ill leave it alone. Feel free to lock the thread Cliff
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