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Thread: Shift knob opinions

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2008-04-04 16:43:01
Shift knob opinions
I need a new shift knob as leather has torn.

What recommendations do you have for shift knobs.
I prefer a shorter knob w/ more weight than OEM.
Not metal as the heat down south will burn my hand.

2008-04-04 16:51:11
2008-04-04 16:59:02
i have a grenade, a real grenade
2008-04-04 17:03:19
I have a 99 300zx Black with red stiching factory part too,

I love it feels great and looks the part.

I got it from Z concepts, think it was $57 shipped. NEW.

they also have the 90-96 which is all black .

its not cheap but its OEM and just ask yourself howlong did your OEM one last ?

AWNSER: over 10 years.
2008-04-04 17:05:04
2008-04-04 17:11:08
Originally Posted by GT2871RBLUBIRD

x2 nismo carbon fiber
2008-04-04 17:27:12
Get a metal one for the weight and wrap it in grill cloth or leather yourself. Or get a B&M and wrap that knob, its nice and heavy but its metal.
2008-04-04 18:03:52
Bubble shift knobs are JDM Tyte!

I like the Nismo and GReddy weighted shift knobs.
2008-04-04 18:04:58
Momo anatomico (long)

I have the short one, wish I'd got the long one. I love it. Heavier than stock, mostly stock looking, better feel.

Stock is a great choice too though. A lot of guys like the 300Z knobs as well.
2008-04-04 18:06:58
stiffer engine mounts, start the car, and i think girls would like that better than a vibrator. jp

i like the nismo one,
i haven't seen the z one. let me check that one.
what about the cusco one, its a white ball, it just doesn't match our black interiors.
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