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Thread: rocker arm stoppers questions

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2011-12-24 14:03:11
rocker arm stoppers questions
high port head
port & polish
bc valves,valve spring,retainers
c2 cams

for a turbo setup plan on revinn to 9k atleast 8.6k safely

i hear alot negative feedback on this ras so i wonder if i would need it

should i use solid lifters or hydro

i seen this guy name ashton use twin groove shim mod - Im going to use this mod also

sorry if it sounds like noobs question just really want to know working a turbo setup tryin to do it right and do research before i spend alot of money and then go to waste if it all fails

NissanBoy-Thank You
2011-12-24 14:41:38
Dont use them. I ran that same setup on my last motor and with a good turbo setup that can flow well topend and keep backpressure down the motor will make power all the way to 9k if you decide to rev it to that. I reved mine to 8700 all day long and the graph was still climbing on the dyno with the tubular manifold and t67 h.o. w/ .82 housing.

You dont need the RAS' and they will only do more harm than good. With the twin groove shims and BC springs and retainers you wont have to worry about throwing any rocker arms. Its a good idea to use a VE oil pump for that extra oil pressure as well, it will help put more pressure on the lifters making it even more difficult for the rockers to pop out.

I never threw or broke any rockers with my last setup. only thing i had over you was the VE oil pump and use a thick 15w50 weight or thicker oil. I use mobil 1 and it worked well.
2011-12-24 14:45:02
And if you already have the Rocker Arm Stoppers, put them up for sale on Zilvia. The RWD guys seem to love them and swear by them but wonder why they bend valves during an over rev or drop valves when the rocker still comes off. But they will swear by them. I had a set that i had laying around and sold them on Zilvia the same day I posted them, lol.
2011-12-24 14:54:49
rocker arm stoppers = fail
2011-12-24 15:06:23
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
The RWD guys seem to love them and swear by them but wonder why they bend valves during an over rev or drop valves when the rocker still comes off.

lol you just can't argue with the stupidity that comes along with most 240 owners =p
2011-12-24 15:10:26
Yeah i see post after post of them complaining they keep throwing rocker arms during drifting and pounding off the crappy stock rev limiter which will more than likely get overshot during drifts especially with about 300+whp banging off it. Then they go and buy RAS' and the horror of what ive seen happen next, lol. Why did I bend all my valves or drop a valve? lol. Idiots.
2011-12-24 15:42:10
Friends don't let friends run rocker arm stoppers.
2011-12-24 16:38:05
thanks guys... really appriciated
2011-12-24 17:54:36
Advanced Search.

Typed in "rocker" Thread Titles Only.

Got this:

Originally Posted by Advanced

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83 results, not too bad.

Skimmed the first page. Eh. Wanted and For Sales, nothing informative.

Skimmed the second page.... A thread called "Rocker Arm Stoppers" in General.

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There you go. Quoted from Andreas his-bad-self. Ashton in there too. LOL.
2011-12-24 20:07:07
Originally Posted by Shawn
Ashton in there too. LOL.

Nooooooooooo, really?
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