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Thread: Code P0732: Gear 2 Incorrect ratio

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2011-12-17 05:21:52
Code P0732: Gear 2 Incorrect ratio
So I started driving my car last week when I noticed that my check engine light went on. I wasn't too far away from home so I drove it back. When I checked for codes I got P0732. I looked it up and it's "Gear 2 Incorrect ratio". Looked online and it says possible cause is low or dirty transmission fluid, shift solenoids, Transmission mechanical problems, Transmission hydraulic control circuit. Tomorrow I plan on changing transmission fluid to see if that solves the problem. I was just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem and if so what was the cause?

car: 98' SE-R A/T
2011-12-28 23:04:02

So I changed the transmission fluid and I still get the code P0732.
No one has experienced this problem before ???
2011-12-28 23:30:20
thing is man.. im almost positive 99% of the people here dont bother with automatic cars. so we dont really know.

however you might try the g20 forum.. since theres alot more auto g20's running around an would throw similar codes.
2011-12-29 01:36:20
How are the gear changes? Does it feel like something is wrong?
2011-12-29 01:50:17
If your getting an incorrect ratio code you could have a couple things happening but from what ive seen its usually a sign of a worn trans and slipping trans or a faulty torque converter. Basicly what that code is saying is the rpm of the engine and speed of the car are not matching to what they should be. So more than likely its a bad trans.
2011-12-29 03:26:45
Let me ask how many miles on the car and what is the condition of the fluid ? Has it been changed in the past and what type of fluid was used ? Is there any driving issues ? These are the first things to look at . Next i would look at the data stream if you have a scanner that has this option to see if it comands the solenoid to open durring shifts . Most cases dirty fluid causes the shift solenoid to stick or operate erratic shifts like torque converter shudder. I would start with dropping the pan changing the fluid and filter like you said and use the correct fluid type speciffic to nissan auto trannys . I would'nt rule it as a bad trans just yet .

Ps check fluid level in park or nuetral with car running

2011-12-29 03:30:13
More than likely you will need a new trans to fix the issue. You can try changing the tranny fluid and adding Lucas stop slip. Gave me an extra 40k on my 96 G20 so it is worth a shot. I noticed it slipping though before the code came up. You may not get rid of the code but it may buy you some time at the least. Stupid question but I assume you are clearing the code after the trans fluid flush and not just hoping it will go away?
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