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Thread: Ebay header 2.5" secondary

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2011-11-18 18:17:35
Originally Posted by TrackJunky82
^^^Yeah I am aware of the drawbacks to the header. Guys have made decent power with them though. For 87 shipped you can't go wrong. Some of the higher end headers are close to 1000 bucks.

I can understand people trying to get max performance, but to me I just want a nice quick street ride.

Same here man. I'd never pay close to 1K for even a full exhaust let alone a header, lol. If I had that much to spend I'd rather put it towards boost, and get much more bang for the buck. Really though, how much more WHP would you really gain with a $1000 +/- header over a $100 +/- one, or even a $400-500 header. It would never be enough to justify spending that much cash in most peoples view, but there are a few people that would and do. Hell, I refused to buy this when it was $150-250. I'm not a total cheap ass either, just reasonable. I don't track/race my car in any way at all, but only just drive for fun.
2011-11-18 20:06:58
^^Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Boost would definitely be the most cost effective way to produce power with these cars.
2011-11-18 20:55:55
If you look at the history of things and these 600-1000 dollar headers that have came out, most of the 600 headers, asp in general had a hard time beating the SSAC 2.5 collector header with their first couple designs and the ones that did beat it only beat it by a couple hp, less than 5whp. Your exactly right to most its not worth paying 6X as much for a header to see 2-3whp more over the ssac. On the ve's as long as you properly align the ports and port match, the asp will only see a 2-3whp gain from dyno charts.

Now you get into 4-1 headers that are in the 800-1000 dollar range, they will see about 7-10whp over the ssac header but also require tuning to get that much as the better flow will change the a/f ratios and you can also get away with more timing with the better header and make a bit more. It will also hold power out longer and give a slightly better powerband up top. But again for someone with a basic de or ve motor, that kinda money is not worth it to most to still see less than 10whp.

Those kind of headers are for the true all motor finatics with the money to spend on them. For the regular guys, not so much.
2011-11-18 21:01:03
- Well a person who is building a 2.2L+ VE would do themself good to get a spec'd header, or you could try the SSAC with the modified secondary as an option. I thought it was necessary in my case. Even my 2.0ve has a ASP budget header, but I got a killa deal on it .
2011-11-18 21:14:35
Yeah thats what im talking about. Most of the guys that have the expensive headers either have high compression 2.0 builds, 2.2 builds, 2.3 builds or 2.4 builds. Again if you spend that much money your hurting yourself not having a good header, your losing out on a lot more power using an ssac on those builds vs having a specd 4-1 header.

I was talking more for stock 2.0's more than anything.
2011-11-18 21:42:21

not even a month yet and the priced jumped. i should've gotten like 10!
2011-11-18 21:49:54
buy a real header, ssac is good for a basic car, but if you want a performance oriented ride, get a legit set. its worth it.

2011-11-19 01:21:35
Originally Posted by STRATTON
buy a real header, ssac is good for a basic car, but if you want a performance oriented ride, get a legit set. its worth it.


What you've said in your last few posts are so very true. If I ever feel like pulling my lowport, and putting SR16 pistons in, then I'd definitely buy something more suited to my needs. For most though, the SSAC covers 99% of peoples needs at a good price. For the few out there that could make use of a better design, and get more than 5 WHP out of it, then I'd say do it.
2011-11-19 02:40:08
i wanna get a jmr! proof is in the pudding!
or settle for modified secondaries on the ssac.
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