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Thread: Clutch change - engine in (Problem Solved)

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2011-11-12 22:38:31
knew that little 14 was hiding on you sir.
2011-11-13 01:06:32
Sure was. Thanks! I probably never would have fished around in there until you said that.
2011-11-18 02:37:52
Just finished changing the clutch. When I went to start it, it bogged down. Bogged down enough to kill the engine. A little puff of smoke came from under the hood also. Car won't even start. I made sure everything was aligned, and torqued to spec. I also adjusted the cable far enough to be in the right range. Cable is smooth, and doesn't bind or anything.

Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? This is starting to really piss me off.
2011-11-18 19:12:07
Correction...it started right up the first time. Engine bogged down, but that may be due to the 85-140 oil I mixed into gear oil. When it first started, I heard the clutch disc chatter for a second or two, but that's it. It ran for about 8 seconds, then the engine died, followed by a small amount of smoke from around the distributor area. Now it won't start at all. Engine will turn over, but won't start. I guess I'll look to see if something shorted out.

Would the clutch, if installed incorrectly, cause something like this? I put the first clutch on while the engine was out, and never had any trouble like this. This is the first time I installed a clutch while the engine and transmission were in, but it should be the s.o.s., just with less room to work with right?
2011-11-20 16:37:19
Problem Solved

A guy I worked with a long time ago had a pretty good idea what it was. Apparently he bought a 200sx years ago for cheap from a guy that thought the timing chain was broke. My friend thought it had jumped a tooth on the timing chain. He loosened the distributor and tried advancing/retarding the timing. And found it had jumped time.

In my case, it hadn't jumped time. But him just turning the distributor, and the ignition catching at full advance, made him think mine had jumped. However, when he set the distributor back to it's normal position, and told me to try it one last time, it started up fine. Somehow just moving the distributor around fixed whatever was wrong. Vapor lock or vacuum lock maybe?

I'm still trying to figure out how just changing the clutch would have caused this? I moved the crank pulley a little bit when lining up the splines of the input shaft, but moved it back where it was after I was done. Maybe that was enough to put it in lock? Either way, I'm glad he helped out. Hopefully this might help anyone else that may have this problem.
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