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Thread: Wiring harness issue?

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2011-10-17 12:59:11
Wiring harness issue?
I did a motor swap in my car and when I connected everything back up the ignition is always on regardless whether the key is in the on position. When I hook up the battery everything turns on and the brake light is lit up on the dash. Is it an ignition circuit or something else? Any ideas what I should look for first?
2011-10-17 16:51:18
I'd probably start by removing 1 fuse at a time and finding out which fuse stops the problem. Then you can check that circuit for issues. Just remember, the wiring diagrams in the FSM are your best tool ever. Will save you tons of time in identifying culprits.

You can always use the diagrams to find what circuit probably has the fault off the bat, I'm just one for being thorough rather than forgetting something and thinking in circles for hours 'cause of shortcuts .
2011-10-17 17:17:05
What did you modify on the harness? Swapped what to what?
2011-10-18 13:11:34
Fixed it. Well not me but my friends dad is an electrical engineer. He figured it out in like 10 minutes I think one of the fuses had melted in the holder and it was shorting to another circuit. Car started up beautifully with the new motor. I'll post a video of the new setup once its tuned.
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