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Thread: Vibrations while Cornering

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2012-12-19 10:29:08
Originally Posted by WingmanSR20

What on earth does this have to do with this thread? Dude, you're walking a fine line.
Honestly, many members here, myself included, are tired of talking to a wall. You seem either too stupid, too stubborn, or too ignorant to understand that problems need to be fixed, issues need to be investigated, and that when we ask questions to help you need to answer them. Instead, you've been steadily content on ignoring things you don't want to see, do, or even think about, and drive every conversation to the point where it's nearly no help to you or anyone else, because of the willful ignorance.
I'd also refer you to the Forum Rules topdog. ..., and I can't say I'd blame someone if they started reporting your posts. You should probably step back and relax a bit before you get out of hand.

Nice post wingman, I applaud you bro, I stirred such a buzz that you took time out of your busy schedule to write me a lengthy reply......when fact of the matter your butt buddy's Kyle and Lynch are the ones who started the conflict .. I reply back to them , I'm the bad guy ....hahaha I love it. One guy get's offended and the whole crew jumps in and attacks like a pack of dogs.....or "lapdogs" as I like to call it....literally lol..... I met a lot of fast guys in these cars, a lot of them are not on the forums anymore.... I'm starting see why. Someone report me please.... I didn't know we were back in elementary school here LOL . Unless you have something useful to say to help me diagnose my problem keep your trap closed and stop derailing "My" thread, Thank you have a good night.

Originally Posted by Kyle
Ok topdog, you have some sort of sexual perversion that has no place in this forum. You asked for help, we tried to help you fourteen months ago, the problem still exists. Take your weird perversions and try to fix your car for safetys sake.
(awaiting butt hurt response)

Funny you should mention "butt hurt" bahahahahah!!!! I know what your problem is I've always had a faster car than yours spending a whole lot less.....it's ok bro it happens... haters going to hate. If you want tips on how to build a car inbox me this idiot will be glad to show you how to build one. Back to walking that thin line. LOL
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2012-12-19 14:30:22
And boom goes the dynamite.

/end thread for uselessness of it.
Last edited by Vadim on 2012-12-19 at 14-30-38.
2012-12-19 14:31:16
TopDog -

Internet sarcasm gets you nowhere. You can choose to ignore folks here. Or you can choose to respond which only makes you seem like the fool...
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