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Thread: My dad bought another 510

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2011-09-25 20:51:31
And someone here wanted interior pics of my dads red 510 a while ago. finally got them today. to.

2011-09-25 20:54:00
Cool story. Awesome little perfectly preserved ride.

And the dude trying to buy it for his son as a first car, is an absolute idiot. Should be slapped upside the head for even thinking such a thing. Geezus.

Different "period correct" rims would not hurt, long as those original ones were never sold separately and always kept with the vehicle.
2011-09-25 20:55:19
yah dude you need a camera. Danny looks like your dad but I can't tell from the pics. really.

That's what I'm saying shawn; period correct rims would not hurt anything.
2011-09-25 20:55:57
yea thats prolly his phone, my phone take shist pics too
2011-09-25 21:02:27
Yah phone, since it uploads right to photobucket for me. im lazy on that.

Shawn thats what i said to my dad, i would of bitch slapped that kids parents for being such idiots. Honestly, if he would of sold it to them i would of found those parents and stolen the car to keep it from being destroyed.
2011-09-25 21:08:56
yeah; phones and sense. Two things in short supply.
2011-09-25 21:11:32
ya fuckin phones man.. either u get one with a good cam and the phone part sucks.. or the phone works great but the cam sucks.. like how we were talkin about the laptops/cell phones the other day
2011-09-25 21:11:45
Proballyn didnt help i didnt get to wipe the camera lense on the phone. Better pics will come when its nice out again.
2011-09-25 21:14:21
laptops and cellphones can be a pita.
2011-09-25 21:15:08
i have an awesome phone and it takes awesome pics..just sayin
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