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Thread: VVT problem, I have a question about the solution

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2011-09-04 04:58:43
see my response in your other thread
2011-09-04 14:53:00
Originally Posted by SouthFls14
Im getting BC cams 264, valve springs, retainers, valves, and the head machined, head gasket, and cam gears....cant wait to get the car back...

I would get a intake cam that will work with the VCT. You will gain more TQ and HP down low vs just killing the VCT. Tomei makes VCT cams for the S14 SR, prob kelford too. Take advantage of the technology offered in that head.
2011-09-05 06:07:29
You could do that or just eliminate it all together and not have to worry about the hassle. He is new to the game and getting larger cams for an s13 and replacing the vct with a regular cam gear is simpler and will net him plenty of power. He will also have the money he saved on the vtc and expensive tomei cams so that he can upgrade his fuel system and ecu with the money saved from going that route. He is on the stock t28 and will have plenty of hp and torque down low even with the regular cam gears. Read his thread that i posted a link to and tell me if you still feel the same way rb240
2011-09-05 06:55:12
I'd have to disagree and say the car will perform better with the VTC working. If it's broke fix it. Get a new gear it's not like it's a $700 replacement part. S14/15 SR20DET OEM Intake Cam Sprocket (VTC) Seeing as how he is new swapping cams should come way later.
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