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Thread: having a problem with an engine control fuse popping

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2008-03-22 15:59:26
having a problem with an engine control fuse popping
ok guys my friend and I have been working on his car for about a week now.The car has sat in the yard for 2 weeks because we thought the fuel pump went out. I put the pump in it and stull dont work but the fuse for the engine control pops when the pump should kick on.I put a new sending unit in it and still the same problem I cant figure it out can any one help me and my friend? If any one has any info call me 252 422 1362 my name is craig
2008-03-22 16:04:36
what type of car/setup is it?
Check the wiring for the fuel pump. I had this problem on a 93 nx and it was because the wiring under the rear seat was corroded and shorted out. Please make sure that you give as much info as possible when asking for help with a problem.
2008-03-22 18:06:44
92 SE-R is the what we have and its just a stock car with boltons
2008-03-22 18:14:20
yea check all of the connections, i had this issue with my foglights, the fuses would keep blowing up and it was because there was some moisture in one of the fog lights and it would cause a short due to the wires being wet
2008-03-22 21:16:32
ok this is whats going on now. We folowed the wiring to the abs computer and unpluged it and the pump runs and shuts off like it should.I put my computer in and it still dosnt start. so what do you all think?
2008-03-23 02:15:44
You should try to be more specific about it. How doesn't it start? Turn over but no fire? Just clicking? Nothing at all?

When you say you put your ECU in do you mean his car didn't have one?
2008-03-23 06:10:50
when you turn the key to try and turn it on you should hear the pump turn on it will be like a very quite high pitched beeeep.
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