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Thread: Over revved the engine, what could be broken?

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2008-03-22 02:38:33
Originally Posted by PhorB13
I did the SAME thing a few months back (Damn B&M shifter). I happen to have a spare head though for a highport head if you are interested. Everything on it is in good condition. I've still got the exh. cam in it, all the valve springs, retainers, etc. I've even got the TB and the intake manifold if you are interested. I broke 3 rockers, bent all 6 valves. Fred Casey did the work on my car. Let me know if you are interested.

So it has no intake cam? What's missing from the head? How much did it cost you to get it fixed? PM me if you'd like.
2008-03-22 02:56:04
Yeah hopefully you just popped it out of place not like me, I broke a rocker in half, and belt a valve. You need to search the head for the Valve shims. Those could cause trouble if they fall in the wrong place.
2008-03-22 03:05:46
I guess I'll have to take the valve cover off and see. Btw what's the difference between low and high port heads?
2008-03-23 01:02:43
High port:

Low port:
2008-03-24 15:42:37
high port you can see the fuel injectors. low port, you have to remove the throttle body to get to the fuel injectors.
2008-03-24 15:59:49
2008-03-25 22:41:50
Yeah same thing everyone else breaks when they over rev their motors from mis shifts, rockers buddy, pull the valve cover and take a look at the carnage, just make sure if they shattered to use a strong magnet and go over the entire inside of the head with it to get all the peices out, i did it about 5 years ago on my old se-r and it shattered all but 2, those 2 were still in place. Do damage to the valves and this was with JWT S3's in there, unless you got really unlucky and lodged one between the lobe and valve and it held open but thats very very very unlikely.
2008-03-26 04:28:36
I would guess the oil leak was from hitting extremely high oil pressure in the over-rev. You might've damaged some seals, but I guess you'll find out when you get her running again.
2008-03-26 19:45:13
Damn. On my old car I over revved shifting from top of 4th into 3rd. It held up fine for over 30000 miles after that happened until some old lady wrecked it. I must have caught it in time.
The 4th into 3rd thing happened to me again in the new B14 but I didnt even let the clutch out so nothing happened. I dont get how you guys shift from 3rd into 2nd?
2008-03-26 20:23:34
Originally Posted by rice
So it has no intake cam? What's missing from the head? How much did it cost you to get it fixed? PM me if you'd like.

That's right, no intake cam. Everything else is still in place. The cam was sold recently actually, so it's been sitting for a couple years now. To get fixed, I actually had a friend do that part and I kept the head as a spare when a different motor was thrown in. The galleries were all cleaned up and the intake cam had cracked in 2 pieces because of no oil getting thru, so the head was basically rebuilt. PM SENT though bro.
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