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Thread: P11 trans won't go into 2nd gear...

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2011-07-15 16:29:46
I haven't been inside an SR box, but most manual trannys will be similar. The blocking ring (I learned it as "baulking ring" from MG manuals) slides over the synchronizer and locks it to the gear. It snaps into place and is held by a mechanical detent. If it doesn't travel far enough (bent fork or worn fork), then it doesn't lock into place. It will transmit some torque but jump off when the load gets too high. That is why the wheels turned in the air, but not on the grouind.
Incidently, driving with your hand on the shift lever can sometimes keep pressure on the fork and "blocking ring" to the point where the fork will wear out. Also, if the box did not have GL-4 oil in it, the fork could have worn.
2011-07-15 16:37:16
Originally Posted by nismonx2000
gears rarely strip unless u run the tranny dry and heat builds up.

If you want I got a B15 gear stack sitting in my garage that says otherwise. It did exactly as OP experienced.

Forks are worth checking, but like I ALREADY said. Open it and check for gear chunks coming out. If the gear went it is obvious when it is opened up.

I've never seen a bent fork on a b15/p11 and I think it would be very hard considering the design... You would break a fork before you ever bent one.
2011-07-15 16:38:26
Originally Posted by WingmanSR20
I was just stating what I got our P11 trans for our track car for. Didn't know fruit was going to be involved

Sound like a 99 P11 trans or you just got lucky.
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