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Thread: coolant sensor resistance, ecu ground?

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2011-05-15 02:29:52
coolant sensor resistance, ecu ground?

TO make my question simple, Where do the 2 wires from the CTS goto on the ecu? Pin 21 and ......?

Here's the story, did a lowport swap into my b13 that already has the harness converted. I had the cts unplugged and the car was flooding out obviously, now I've wired it up to the ecu with the schematics I got from alldata. (Before you ask, I did check resistance across the sensor and its fine). Blue orange wire to pin 18 and then the black wire goes to 21. The diagram shows it t'ing off to pin 29. I've tried 21 , but I get 0.0 ohms. I haven't tried pin 29 yet though.

I've gotton the car to start with all the values on my safc to 50 and it holds a fairly decent idle at 14.9 - 15.2 on the wideband. Revs nicely and everything, idles a bit high though. Timing is correct at 15-16 degrees and I even checked the timing chain so I know its not a timing issue.

Any input on this would help. I know the problem just can't figure out why my solution isn't working. I also don't have an o2 sensor, but I'm takin this one step at a time.
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2011-05-16 03:54:27
hmmm, nobody confident in wiring?
2011-05-18 11:39:12
c'mon I have to spray my intake with ether to get it to start in the morning haha
2011-05-19 14:57:56
any input at all? bump. pin 21 and 29 are what alldata says, but that's not working and I have to spray the filter with ether to get the thing started when it's a bit chilly outside.
2011-05-19 17:18:24
What are you asking? There are no question marks in your post.
2011-05-20 19:00:59
where the 2 wires for the coolant temperature sensor go to the ecu on a b13?
2011-05-24 15:35:45
2011-05-24 16:17:37
CTS blue/orange wire connects to ECU at pin 18. Black is ground at both pin 21 and 29.

2011-05-25 02:45:12
oh wow, I saw where there wires ground to both but I didn't think it would make a difference which one. Thanks, will try this tomorrow.
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