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Thread: MPG??? B chassis

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2011-05-04 13:49:23
MPG??? B chassis
Hey guys, i just wanted to see if it was only "MY CAR" or everyone else's as well..

Is anyone experiencing LOW MPG?? I just swapped my sr20VE but the MPG is slightly better than my old 218xxx DE, but STILL not what i'm looking for. I believing i'm doing 19mpg on CITY which is about 80% of my driving and the other 20% is HWY driving.. A total of about 225 miles to the tank. Give or take a couple. I didn't drive it until the car turned off, but you know.

And it's costing me $40 a week to drive this thing.. I think i was better off driving the Weekend car, durring the week. 06 g35 sedan!

Any input would be Beneficial.
2011-05-04 14:18:56
I've squeezed 320-330 out of a tank VVL powered. No a/c.

with the a/c I was still hitting 300 on a tank
2011-05-04 14:45:26
Are you joking? I get 17mpg in my 4runner and it costs me about $160 a week to drive it. I wouldn't be upset with $40 a week. However, it looks like you may have a vacuum leak or something, maybe a bad temp sensor causing the low mileage. These things cause you to run rich. Do you have a wideband you can borrow from someone to do some testing?

2011-05-04 14:54:03
I'm getting about that on my DE
2011-05-04 15:02:11
Getting 19 mpg on fat P11 with a Loller Rocker.

Though I did get a phenomenon yesterday, 29mpg 40% city and 60% highway.
Note: I replaced the transmission fluid after taking the highway trip, maybe the transmission fluid was my culprit . I also sidegapped the plugs a few weeks back, ECU could have finally learned the new changes.

Until I get consistent 20+ mpg numbers I'm not getting my hopes up on those mods helping yet
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2011-05-04 15:07:53
im driving 100% city and getting around 210 miles per tank. with my 249,000 mile sr20de
2011-05-04 15:10:58
My personal experiences SR20VE; B13

Minimum 18 mpg (RAILING ALL VVL)...
22mpg city median.... 26mpg mixed median... 31-32 highway median...
Maximum 38.5mph (PUTTING NO VVL)
2011-05-04 15:19:28
On a road trip with two stock 1994 SE-Rs we got 34 mpg out of mine (okay mine had very wide tires) and 35 mpg out of my brother's doing the speed limit, all highway. That was typical for us. With city driving I used to get 22 beating on it. After the tune for power (still N/A) I got 19 mpg around the city. Highway was still 34 mpg.

(With the turbo now I get around 12-16 mpg beating it around town, 20 mpg relaxed around town, and still 34 mpg on the highway.)
2011-05-04 15:19:55
Another thing I should mention, the stock tunes are pig rich.

I put a wideband on the P11, which was fairly stock. WAI with flow Stack, and SSAC header with some leaks. I had to install the header in order to be able to use a wideband (00+ SR20's have front cats and rear cats).

Anyway, my AFR's at WOT are 10-12:1. This is with an exhaust leak which makes the wideband see lean numbers at cruising speeds (15ish). The car goes that rich as soon as you get out of closed loop. So if you accelerate like a grandma you shouldn't dip that low in AFR's.
2011-05-04 15:25:18
forgot to mention.. I drive very conservative.
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