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Thread: Timing Chain Kit

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2011-02-24 04:29:11
Originally Posted by irishman_punk
dang dude, so @ 165k i should be fine
so ready to get her back on the road. i don't know what these tulsa boys did to this poor car but i gotta replace the bearing on the front driver side and possibly the hub. i broke the nut loose with my hand and there was no washer behind it!

meh, i don't know if you're "fine" but - when I sold Nissan's back in 1998, they told us to tell the customers that the "timing chain never has to be replaced, unlike the Honda's timing belt".... as a reason to choose Nissan over a Honda..

so if you are going to replace it, it better be at 300,000 miles or I'm going to be mad at Nissan for lying again..
2011-02-24 04:34:13
Originally Posted by vqman
it seems to me that a 40k mile (like new) JDM highport would be a better option.. just sayin.........

They usually go for $500 shipped.... have higher compression.. and a lot less miles than what you have on your car.

Yeah, I'd probably just come up with a couple hundred more dollars and have a fresh complete motor.
2011-02-24 04:38:46
but I think what he's hoping for, is a less expensive timing chain kit.. say $150.. lol
2011-02-24 16:21:18
Originally Posted by vqman
but I think what he's hoping for, is a less expensive timing chain kit.. say $150.. lol[/QUOTE

well, if i have to wait and save a couple hundred more then i will instead of dropping a cheap chain kit in there
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