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Thread: car wont stay running need HELP

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2011-02-21 13:20:16
car wont stay running need HELP
as the title says my car wont stay running. it has a t3 turbo w/ fmic, 370cc injectors, n60 maf, and an ecu set for turbo, 370cc injector, avier maf. i did a boost leak test and fixed all the leaks an it still wouldnt stay running. i rechecked the wiring on the maf at least three times and still have nuthing. i did notice that on the maf clip one of the wires i a little lose and tends to sit about 1/16 to an 1/8 back then the others. it would start up when cold idle for a bit then die when it warms up a bit it seems to die faster? any input would be great thanks
2011-02-22 17:13:26
any buddy have any input i havent been able to figure it out for the past few weeks
2011-02-22 17:49:23
How is it during the cold start? After it dies, how hard is it to restart and will it run after you restart it? Does it die every time when it warms up? You say "when it warms up a bit it seems to die faster", what do you mean?
Initial guesses would be either MAF or IACV-related. Have you tried swapping in a different MAF or testing your MAF on a different car? Since that is such an easy thing to do, I would start with that. Of course, if your MAF wiring is bad, that could make testing it that much harder. Maybe fab up a bit of wiring between the MAF and the connector to ensure proper connection just to test out if that is the problem? Can you get a small female spade connector onto the wire that sits back further from the rest?
2011-02-22 18:58:42
it would start up everytime drives great. on the cold start it would idel for a few seconds then die and when i restart it wouldnt stay at idel aslong
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