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Thread: JGY transmission questions

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2011-02-25 17:43:29
thanks for all the input guys... the only reason i was even considering jgy is because i have so many spare b13 trans that could be cheaply fixed and i don't know who else offers a build for them...

and it's looking like i'll be saving up for a p11 or hopefully coming across one at a local junkyard... i'm just really hoping to get some type of combination to withstand the power i'll be making.... maybe at some point i'm gonna experiment with the spec v 6 speed...

what clutch would you guys recommend that can hold a ton of power and still not kill the trans? i've always had great luck with acts in the past and currently have a stage 5 clutchmasters (unsprung) 6 puck... it was a great deal so i couldn't pass it up... it handles the power like you wouldn't believe... but the trans clearly can't handle the clutch...
2011-02-25 17:56:53
I'm in the same boat here. I went up to a 150 shot in the fall, sprayed it once, and pretty sure it took 3rd gear lol. I didn't drive it all winter, so I need to drive it again and see what happens to be sure. My stock tranny lasted a few years on the 100 shot though, getting 1.6 60fts launching with the 100 shot on 22" slicks. I've got the ACT Xtreme PP and sprung 6 puck disk.

EDIT: Is there a thread anywhere with the details of your build?
2011-02-26 01:36:59
A sprung clutch will also help save the trans a bit.
2011-02-26 01:52:07
JGY transmission is a 1999 solution. You gotta pony up for at least a B15 tranny and the options go up from there. Especially with nitrous.
2011-03-02 06:46:42
well it look like i'm gonna run another stock b13 trans for now... only because i got a really good deal on a rust free b13 with a NEW trans that was purchased from nissan 4 years ago... it's got a blown motor so i'm gonna take the trans and probably sell the shell... which means i'll be able to get a p11 sooner than i thought...

so the ultimate goal is to get a p11 trans and new clutch setup by mid summer... until then i'll just run street tires and go for trap speeds to save the trans and try to make it last...

name some clutches if anyone has good ideas... nothing too too pricey but still strong... i may go with an act setup since i've had such good luck with them unless someone has any better ideas for around the same price... thanks for all the input everyone!

and aaroNX... no thread on it right now... but it's fully built... pouter rods, wiseco piston, acl race bearing, balanced crankshaft... cometic head gasket, titanium springs, valves, and retainers... custom ground cams that are over 288...ported intake mani, 3 angle valve job... hotshot gen 2 (i'm pretty sure) header with a dump... clutchmaster stage 5 clutch... NOS pro race fogger direct port system... nx maximizer system, nx progressive controller... semi tucked engine bay to clean it up... it's on a 65 shot right now and i'm hoping to get it up to a 85 or 90 shot this summer... stripped with a sentra e truck lid... i'm sure there is other stuff i am forgetting but that is a quick list... gonna up the shot and a full cage this summer...
2011-03-02 12:29:37
I would skip the b15 tranny and just start collecting parts for a 6 speed conversion
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