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Thread: not turning over

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2011-02-20 04:21:12
not turning over
k...got a 98 200sx ser and ive put in a 01 rr sr20de....everything is in connected and ready to go...BUT im not able to get the car to turn over...tried everything...but i get nothing when i turn the key...i was able to jump the starter and got it to turn over...any ideas? also will the security built into the ecu be an issue? im not worried about keyless entry or anything so does it matter if it has security or not? i also have used the 98 manifold on it.... and one more thing id like to know is if the 98 work with it? im kinda new to the whole RR thing so yeah....i prolly look like a jackass with some of these questions lol so please anybody HELP!!!
2011-02-20 06:47:26
Confused are you running the b14 ecu or did you swap the RR b15 ecu in ? B15 would require using the harness and would not work due to the "NATS" security wich has a coded or chipped key and ignition switch. The RR motor will work as I have swapped one into my freinds 96 b14 using the b14 intake manifold . Do you get all the dash lights on when you turn the key? I would aslo check all your grounds to.
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2011-02-20 07:16:52
If starter tests good check cables, battery voltage, and starter relay next to the ecu.
2011-02-20 16:35:20
well i was told i could use the b14 harness so i used it with the b14 cpu as i was told would work...but i have the b15 computer without security....and the motor actually came out of another b14 that i purchased but it was rusted to hell (FML) so i swapped it to my 98 with like i said b14 harness and ecu...
2011-02-23 19:44:16
2011-02-23 19:47:23
Will it turn over if you connect the negative battery terminal to the engine block with a jumper cable?
2011-02-27 02:40:32
not sure...?
2011-02-28 02:39:25
That is a good idea, friend of mine got home that way, the ppl that come when you have contracted them when the car won't run, fixed him that way, however with a permanent cable from the negative battery terminal to one of the bolts of the struts. A year later his starter died.

The side effect however was no lights, not even the clock in the dash. (I saw this myself) Which means your mass might be not so great anymore. I was stunned to see the car with a good battery and just no electric power anywhere.

But he didn't do anything else about the obvious mass problem. Worth a try because I think what I have seen with my own eyes tells anything can happen with a not so great mass.

A little more tricky, removing the starter and hooking it up with a known good battery, using normal wiring, it will heat in your hands before the relay will click so watch out with that.
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