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Thread: I'm lost.. CV/Axle??

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2011-01-31 04:24:59
Originally Posted by b13fever
that is called a "nut" not a "bolt"

shush! Lol its my birthday and I don't feel good.. Thats my excuse lol
2011-01-31 16:01:46
So with the nut off the axle, the hub is still nice and tight in place. I didn't try pulling at it to remove it but it definitely didn't fall out on its own.

My setup looks different than that toothed nut that was posted, my toothed part is just a thin metal piece in that same shape, but doesn't have threads like that. My axle nut is the only threaded piece there. There is a washer, the big nut, that toothed thing, and then the cotter pin.

If my spindle is somehow behind this, what is the harm in putting it off? I can't afford the $500 price tag they gave me at the dealership right now.

Also, what else could possibly cause this grinding? It's hard to replicate and doesn't always do it...?
2011-01-31 16:06:04
Find another complete knuckle at the junk yard. Screw the stealer ship. A whole knuckle can be had for less than $30 bucks at a yard.
2011-01-31 17:34:34
Headed there now!
2011-01-31 17:35:13
What exactly will fit? Any B14???

I'm posting from a BK parking lot since there is no internet at the house yet. I'm going to head towards the Upull... I wont be able to check back in this thread, will someone please call me ASAP (next ten minutes) with what I can take the knuckle from? Remember I drive a 97 SER
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2011-01-31 17:43:41
Oh, 8022798825 is the cell
2011-01-31 17:49:31
Your toothed part is just a stock washer. It goes over the nut, and then the retainer-pin goes in the hole. Then bend the pin backwards over the teeth of the washer.
2011-02-01 15:50:02
Found the problem. 100% Positive it is the axle. There are flat spots in the outer bearing in the axle.
2011-02-01 17:15:08
Carnage.... AWESOME!
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