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Thread: OMG! Knock sensor replacement is annoying me!

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2011-01-06 17:56:01
Unplug it and plug another one in somewhere else hanging. Doesn't do any good on these cars the way they are set up anyway.
2011-01-06 17:59:33
I have a set of GearWrench ratcheting wrenches but there are two problems with using the ratcheting wrench..first it's 12 point and I really don't want to strip this bolt because I don't even want to think about how I would get it off if I stripped the head. Second the ratcheting wrench doesn't fit on the head properly, part of the wrench catches the head but it slips off. It's just at a weird angle especially since the nisport oil adapter pushes the oil sensor further out and gets in the way.

I am thinking maybe a ratcheting wrench with a flex head might work but I have to pick up a set of those.

I knew about the double wrench trick but there's no clearance. Basically the way the head of the bolt is it puts the wrench about 2" away from the metal coolant pipe.
2011-01-06 19:00:22

I have a knock sensor waiting to go on my car... This thread makes me not look forward to it...
2011-01-06 19:29:52
thin wall closed end crows foot?
2011-01-06 20:26:52
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Fixed that for yah.

It's 10mm, 12mm wrenches are significantly bigger which would make the job easier
2011-01-06 20:45:58
use two wrenches if you don't have a long handle off set box wrench. craftsman makes a long handle off set box wrench that will get it off. As mentioned soaking the bolt in pb blaster is recommended.
2011-01-06 20:56:28
Also, is this your B15? You could take off those 2 bolts holding the waterneck onto the block? That will give you an extra 6"+ of room. You may have to take off the 2 bolts at the thermostat housing as well.
2011-01-06 20:59:57
Something like this might work, I have a few of these in my box, come in useful at times.

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2011-01-06 21:28:05
Originally Posted by gomba
If it's rounded, you should consider relocating. Otherwise, as others have said, use the interlocking wrench method.

I hate that fucking sensor.


where would be a good place to relocate the knock sensor sir?
2011-01-06 21:32:14
No. The knock sensor is tuned to listen at that one spot. If you move it elsewhere, you might as well not have it at all. It needs to be between cylinders 2 and 3 and up high near the combustion chamber to listen for knock from all four cylinders as best it can. That's why it is where it is.
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