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Thread: WOW what is going on here..

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2010-12-04 00:21:06
With your luck id stay away from a puck disk. Just get another b15 or exedy replacment disk. The pucks can be hard on our weak 3rd gear
2010-12-04 00:29:22
Welcome to the wonderful world of modified cars.
2010-12-04 00:46:09
Originally Posted by Antb
well i guess i cant go wrong with my ACT springless extreme 6 puck

Yikes, unsprung clutches can suck, BUT ACT clutches are the shit. Never had an issue with any that I have run.
2010-12-04 00:55:26
Is the spacer present between the engine and the transmission? That's the only thing I can think of that can really go wrong in that area.
2010-12-04 01:06:55
^^^ My clutch I recently took out looked almost like the one above. The springs were still in place, but they were really loose and looked like something was grinding them down. Got to the point where I couldn't put the car in gear.

Now the release bearing on the new clutch is really noisy.

I feel your pain, my $1,500 '94 SE-R has been a total mess since I got it. I paid way too much for it.
2010-12-04 01:32:24
Originally Posted by Topdog781
Welcome to the wonderful world of modified cars.

I agree with this statement. I remember that car and it always went really well. I think once you get a good clutch in there you will be good to go. Morgans432 has a video of me and Bgreen going at it and being dead even.
2010-12-04 02:05:59
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Is the spacer present between the engine and the transmission? That's the only thing I can think of that can really go wrong in that area.

that's what i was thinking to.. there's gotta be something going on to cause this..

make sure you got the plate in between the engine an tranny an get the flywheel resurfaced.. idk what else to say..

i did the same thing to a stock disk an i don't know if its cause the ve was to strong or if it was because i didn't have the plate between engine an tranny.. but i have a b15 disk now an beat on it all the time an it grabs hard every time.
2010-12-04 02:12:27
Bgreen cursed it.
2010-12-04 02:35:24
Springless clutches are way overkill for low power apps. Just adds unnecessary shock to your drivetrain. Run a sprung hub.
2010-12-04 02:35:35
Originally Posted by natethebrown
That actually doesn't matter. The only thing that will do is help you get the tranny on easier. As soon as you push in the clutch the disk will align.

To the OP: Did you have the flywheel turned with the new clutch install? The surface could be worn down on the outer most diameter causing the new disk to flex. Every clutch I install I always get the flywheel resurfaced so it is flat as possible.

Hmm guess so. I just noticed that when you tighten down the pressure plate the disc gets held in place pretty tightly. I guess installing the trans on will cause the disc to "slip" into the spot.

Also OP, discs with springs that are not enclosed tend to pop them out good amount on our cars. Dumping the clutch at higher RPM's, or not rematching could be causing premature wear.
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