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Thread: 2001 Sentra crank/cam sensor

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2010-11-26 16:39:54
2001 Sentra crank/cam sensor
This has me pulling out my hair. all started this way:

Tack was jumping at all speeds, SES light on, engine stammered on warm start, occasional misfire at speed that you could feel on the highway.

I bought a cam sensor, and installed it:
Tack became smooth, engine still stammered on warm start and SES light persisted, checked code, crank sensor was the result.
Bought a crank sensor at a different part store location, the cam sensor was the last one the first ADV AP had.

The list shows both the cam and crank sensor as the same part.

Installed crank sensor (what a pain the first time)
Cold engine start seemed fine though it felt a little less responsive when I test drove it. Then shut it off and restarted it and it stalled. I did this several times and typically on the third try it will remain running though it still stutters.
Power is off, not responsive as with the old sensors.

I tried swapping the sensors, top to bottom and the cam started jumping again, so I figured it was a defective sensor I bought from A.Z. so I returned it. the new one did the same thing.
Since then I have tried 7 different sensors from 4 different part stores with no resolution.
Out of 7 sensors, only one seems to work on the cam, and all the rest including a OE from CarQ, one from a jobber shop, several from AZ and Adv.

Of all of those only one makes the tack run smooth and all leave the ses light returning if reset.
Nissan says there is no recall for this car for the cam/;crank sensor. I can't return for refund any of them and this is getting ridiculous and expensive 30+ dollars each.

Other things I have done:
New plugs, cleaned the MAF with MAF cleaner, new air filter, swapped one replacement coil in turn with each of the car's with no effect, all o2 sensors have been replaced over the last 2 years.

any clues please? inspection time is here and it will not pass with a SES light on.
2010-11-26 17:23:08
I've replaced my crank sensor in the past, the b15sentra.net cautioned against using a parts store instead of oem nissan because the sensors are DIFFERENT lengths for different intergalactic racing ponys, so you might be replacing the part with the wrong one each time. call up greg v and run this by him and get the right one. i bet that'll fix it.
2010-11-26 18:29:51
If there is a difference, it is internal, the outside lengths on all of these has been identical.

Could there be a different problem and it is incorrectly reporting the crank sensor? Maybe when it almost stalls. The original code reported multiple random misfires, but that was a different reader. I may check again and have the code read to see if the reported issue is still the same.
2010-11-26 18:44:44
do you have the digital copy of the fsm? that's how i found out it was my crank sensor and tested it to begin with. I'd say start there, (in the fsm section of this sub-forum) and start to stop looking so narrowly - could be a maf issue (VERY common in 01 sentras) could be a fuel issue, could be pret near anything really. But looking only at one thing will drive you NUTS.
2010-11-26 18:46:24
and also, the crank sensor was EASY to change - are you sure you're replacing the right one? the cam and crank sensor if I recall look similar but are not the same part. Again, talk to greg v about the differences (because there are some!). The sensor was one phillips 10mm head screw and the unit was easily accessible on the top of the race pony - shouldnt be tough at ALL
2010-11-26 19:05:45
Maybe you are talking about the V6, I have the 1.8.
for me to change the crank sensor I need to put the car on jank stands, hang a light under the hood between the engine and firewall. crawl under and pull the plug from the sensor while I can see it.
It is located under the starter, above the CV and half buried in metal strap or motor mounts and whatever.
I have to slid half way under the car and feel my way with a socket in hand and remove the sensor keeper 10mm bolt, then pull the sensor without seeing it.
I am not a small person and my hands are larger then most..

I do not think there are any other sensors that use the same part as the crank and cam, if so please warn me. It took me quite some time to find the crank sensor..
2010-11-26 19:17:02
wtf!?! this is general SR20 man! your answer lies on this site:

not here - this is for sr20 engines for the most part dude, and you should specify what engine you got because I was assuming sr20!!!

edit - correct me if i'm wrong but I dont even think the sentra CAME with a V6 ever

2nd edit:

2010-11-26 19:21:57
Originally Posted by NY_Will
Maybe you are talking about the V6, I have the 1.8.
for me to change the crank sensor I need to put the car on jank stands


Details don't matter.
2010-11-26 19:25:17
Originally Posted by wnwright

Details don't matter.

not at all - it's just Chinese and greek we're speaking -close enough right!?!
2010-11-26 19:55:04
I'm more interested in how the options for a 2001 sentra are 1.8 or v6.... but found this forum
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