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Thread: how to identify "nissan" axles

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2010-11-25 15:27:31
how to identify "nissan" axles
Hey there, is there a stamp or something on nissan axles that proves they are nissan? I'm looking to buy a set of remanufactured axles but all the guy sees stamped on them is "GCI" is that a non-nissan axle? That's my assumption, but assumptions only get me in trouble...thanks in advance!
2010-11-25 15:35:58
AFAIK, Nissan OEM axles are green.
2010-11-25 17:18:39
X's 2 /\ dont get new ones from napa they are junk ! had a set and they shimmy on acelaration . If you have deep pockets get a set from the driveshaft performance shop Happy turkeyday
2010-11-25 17:24:52
Raxles FTW! or you can get OE ones from Greg
2010-11-25 18:13:49
Raxles... They are stronger than three transmissions I have been through (B13, B14, and B15).
2010-11-25 22:05:44
Raxles are no stroger than factory Nissan axles. They use the factory Nissan as a base.

When you have a 400 plus WHP car with Nissan axles the trans will always go first
2010-12-05 22:52:13
The boots are green or the axles themselves?

Can somebody tell by looking at these pictures what these are?


2010-12-06 00:10:49
The axle bodies are green.
2010-12-06 00:25:00
Factory Nissan axles will damn sure break way before any higher stage Raxle axle will.

2010-12-06 00:38:14
Def go with RAXLES, Screw the NAPA ( Free Replacement crap ) all that will land you is a lifetime of junk and axel grease all over to clean.
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