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Thread: Throwout Bearing Discovery

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2010-11-20 00:56:10
Throwout Bearing Discovery
I recently did a clutch job on my p11 and I went to Advance Auto Parts and bought a 20 throwout bearing made by National Bearing company (very good company), then I noticed that the center piece was off center so I went to Nissan to buy an o.e.m bearing that I paid 45 dollars for (wasn't to happy:cry, that was also off center, and this is what I got, do you see the difference? (don't mind the transmission pic. i just wanted to show off the beauty of it)

There is no difference. Both of the bearings are the same. OEM bearings are made by National Bearings. On both bearings themselves they say NTN and Japan. So I'm just trying to save everyone a dollar in these days economy. I would rather spend $20 dollars and pick it up on the spot then pay $45 and wait 2 days to get it. You can pick up the bearing at mostly any Advance Auto Parts. It's a very common part. The clips in the other hand you could buy them at Nissan or order them from G Spec.

National Bearing Part Number= 614047 =$20
Nissan OEM Part Number= 30502-53J05 =$45

Advance Auto Part Website Page

Thank you for looking and hope you make the right choice next time you do a clutch job.
2010-11-20 01:12:05
I don't touch the OEM bearings anyway. They are garbage.

I only use Timken throwout bearings. They aren't off center and they don't wobble when you spin them like the OEM and other auto parts stores bearings do.
2010-11-20 01:51:36
is that why my clutch makes a sound when im in neutral when its cold? b15 oem clutch kit from greg v
2010-11-20 03:47:48
it could just be that the grease is cold and probably settled in one spot (most likely the bottom of the bearing) it shouldnt be something that serious.
2010-11-20 03:50:15
i can also agree that timken is a great company. i would of used a timken bearing but i needed the bearing asap. for my future clutch job im going to make sure to get a timken bearing but the oem one is still a good bearing. mostly everything that has a bearing i buy national because they come lifetime warrentied and its very easy to get but they are reliable.
2010-11-20 03:52:01
what do you mean by off center??
2010-11-20 05:27:44
the spinny side that goes on the pp is slightly off center. its not evenly spaced around. they were both like that when i bought them. i should of tooken a pic of it.
2010-11-20 06:27:10
take the tob and spin it on the ground. I always thought that the off-center caused a lot of the clutch adjustment issues ppl have. I could be wrong, but I prefer to use one that doesn't suck. Mine was timken also. Worked pretty good for a couple years before making some noise.
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