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Thread: Clunking/clacking during morning starts..

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2010-11-17 18:35:03
Clunking/clacking during morning starts..
So.. 233k on the dash and my car runs great still... 180 something PSI on all 4 cylinders, everything is fine and dandy. Last oil change didn't contain anything nasty in it either.

It's getting down to 20-40 degrees in the morning here in Oregon. The car started like new until now.

Now it does 1 of 2 things when cold starting:

1. Idle dips a little immediately after being started, then proceeds to rev up to 1500-2000rpm and gradually drop down to the normal idle as the car heats up.

2. Car idles up to 1500-2000rpm, idle doesn't dip.. but motor makes loud clacking sounds, almost like piston slap. This happens for about 1-2 seconds, but the car idles normally.

This motor performs great normally. Any theories?
2010-11-17 18:40:17
Side note: i just checked the oil level and the dipstick tube along with the dipstick out of the motor, LOL... perhaps a very much unsealed hole in my engine could = bad oil pressure in the morning? :P..
2010-11-18 01:49:57
Replace the timing chain tensioner.
2010-11-18 04:11:47
Gee; that beats replacing my motor. I'm curious though; why do you think it's the timing chain tensioner?
2010-11-18 04:54:58
they go bad quite frequently. If you lose the noise when you get pressure, thats the best place to start.
2010-11-18 04:59:32
Damn beat me to it.
2010-11-18 05:01:26
Hm!!!! thanks guys, i'll start there.

Should i also be changing out the timing gears, chain, positioner doohickeys, etc. at the same time?
2010-11-18 05:05:48
No, just do the tensioner. If you want to do the chain, you'll have to drop the motor realistically.
2010-11-18 05:20:02
Damn O_O..

How long do these timing chains last anyway?
2010-11-20 03:00:12
on my ga16 the tensioner wore through and broke gear teeth at 173,000, my sr20 went to 189,000 and didn't have much wear till the thermostat got stuck and blew motor, newer sr20 engine 169,000 miles and tensioners still look pretty good
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