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Thread: vibration in reverse and warmup

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2010-12-05 18:45:05
lol. i will replace it then. just that the mount looks perfect. to the parts house!
2010-12-05 20:00:19
ordered the part off rockauto and took a video.

joeclark: is this what u see too>?

YouTube - Sr20 passenger mount
2010-12-05 20:05:36
lol.. if that mount isn't blown i don't know shit.. lol i have had the same issue on 2 cars, replacing the mount fixed it both times..
2010-12-06 09:22:07
thats funky stuff. I've never experienced anything remotely like that.
2010-12-06 23:31:33
well mount will be here in about a week so i'll report back when its installed.
2010-12-08 01:29:38
With 150k and original mounts, just replace them, the originals are very soft and I learned it contains oil, the mount that is.

PU's are just what I want but those are so stiff, that is the other end of the spectrum for motor mount dampening characteristics.

However, if you don't drive the new original mount to pieces again soon, you need to drive harder
2010-12-08 22:28:31
yeah, i should've ordered all four mounts but, hoping the passenger mount will get me by for now until i do a det swap. i'm not looking for huge power and don't like the nvh that poly mounts will bring so.. i think i'm gonna stick with the stock mounts.
2010-12-20 00:24:41
just replaced the mount. night and day difference. car feels like a brand new car. can't believe i didn't do it sooner.

also, do i need threadlock on the motor mount bolts? i noticed some white residue on two of the bolts that connect the mount to the block. i'd show pictures of the old mount but it doesn't look bad, and my camera phone isn't uploading pics for some reason.
2010-12-20 00:29:09
Glad you got it taken care of
2010-12-20 19:24:23
yeah, thanks for the help. you were spot on.
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