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Thread: Someone answer this!

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2010-11-07 01:16:37
Someone answer this!
Please guys, I need to know...

Is the B14 hub assembly the same between SR and GA models? The axle outer splines the same between the two? I just need to know if I can use a GA16 hub assembly on a SR.

Also would probably be the same assembly for the B13 as well. TIA.
2010-11-07 02:15:56
afaik the b13 ga / sr hub stuff s the same, im willing to bet you could swap b13/14 stuff easily.. (on the front anyway)
2010-11-07 02:42:07
2010-11-07 03:04:10
2010-11-07 03:27:23
Ok, I think I have caught a break. The CV axles for the SR and GA are different, but the outer CV on the GA has the same internal spline as the QG. QG is the same as the specV so I think I have an answer now for Marty at Raxles for making custom axles for the RS6 trans swap.

Use the SpecV axles with GA16 outer cv. Get the same spline as the standard B13, B14, but the joint type is a ZF90 on both.

Now the SR standard cv outer is labeled as a BF83 cv joint. So the splines wouldn't match up with the specV axles which require a ZF90. Now that the FSM states that the GA16 uses the ZF90 joint, I'm thinking we can use outer GA cv to make our custom axles. What do you guys think? If this works, I'll feel like a genius. If not, I fail at life.

Let me know what you guys think huh?
2010-11-07 03:27:27
2010-11-07 04:52:14
The Altima axle uses a BF90 outer joint. So it is not compatible with specV axles i don't think.
2010-11-08 19:08:14
I just went GXE b14 to VE. Everything is the same except for the engine and transmission. Everything. All parts are interchangeable between SR and GA models except the obvious ones like engine specific parts.
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