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Thread: Need a favor and a couple questions...

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2010-10-27 16:00:21
Bump for an answer on the oil filter.
2010-10-29 19:32:15
Bueller? Bueller?
2010-11-01 15:47:17
Update on the scraping sound. Changed the rear motor mount with a poly one and it went away. The rear mount was so bad that my shifter forks were laying on top of the front sway bar. No wonder it was so hard to get into 5th gear...

Anyway, now I just have a nasty noise while accelerating in gear. Pretty sure my clutch has a loose spring and/or my throwout bearing is about to explode. Now I get to drop the transmission. Yay.
2010-12-07 19:27:01
Update on this. Took the polyurethane rear mount out of the car, and my grinding noise while turning right came back. Could bad rubber grommets for the bolts on the cross-member cause excessive movement of the front and rear mounts?
2010-12-07 19:34:59
Yes that is entirely possible. Bad grommets could allow a lot of movement.

I've had those grommets basically missing for years but never had any issue. I think that's due to the fact that the mounting points for those bolts are recessed into the chassis now (after years of missing grommets) which allow for everything to be snugged down.

I see that you did have clutch issues as reported in a different thread of yours. I think you've found you don't have any dowels so that's likely your problem there.
Can you sum up your remaining unsolved issues so we don't have to read a bunch of stuff to get back up to speed? I'm not sure what issues you've fixed and which are still problems.
2010-12-07 20:09:04
All the motor mounts are brand new. Just put a new clutch in it after my last one was chewed up. Can having the trans just a little bit off cause that many problems? All the bolts are in their correct places and tightened down to spec.

Here's the clutch disk:
2010-12-10 16:56:54
Any other suggestions? I'm probably going to sell the car if I can't figure it out. Just don't want to deal with problems that won't go away no matter what I do.
2010-12-10 17:27:11
In the pic it looks like some of the springs have been ground down a bit, is that really the case? And can you specify what the problems are again? You had grinding noise but the poly mount took care of that (then you took the poly mount out?). You had a clutch issue but swapped that out so is that resolved? I presume you took a good look at the Driver's axle when you did your clutch job? Sorry, but I don't have a JDM engine so I can't comment on the oil filter but I'm glad you found one that works.
2010-12-10 17:50:38
Yeah, it looks like something was grinding on the springs. BUT, when I was in there I looked around and could not find anything else that it was grinding on. Pressure plate was ok. The clutch feels fine now that it has broken in (which was a nightmare) although it feels a little stiff. The brand new release bearing is being just as noisy as the old one I took out.

Drivers side axle looks ok to me except the fact that the outer boot is leaking a bit. 3 of the 4 motor mounts are brand new. I did notice that the front mount is slotted a bit. Is there an adjustment there I should know about?

Grinding noise I have now is the same as before, only happens with I make right hand turns. When I turn left, if goes away. This came back after I took the rear poly mount out of the car.

Is it possible I could have an incorrect drivers side axle? Too long?
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